Sacramento Golf Tips: When to Take Free Relief

Taking free relief in golf is simple, but most golfers misunderstand when they can take it. All golfers know that every stroke matters. One swing can be all the difference between winning and losing, and nothing feels worse than that one swing being from a penalty. There are however some instances where you can get… Continue reading →

Shop Local at the Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop this Holiday Season!

Find the perfect gift for your golfer at the Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop. The Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop is your best destination for gifts this holiday season. With everything from the biggest names in golf, there’s something for everyone—even non-golfers! Why shop local? As a consumer, you are a vital part in helping… Continue reading →

Sacramento Golf Tips: How to Get Backspin on Your Swing

Haggin Oaks Director of Golf Mike Woods shares how to get backspin on your iron shots. We all want to play like the pros we see on the PGA Tour. Hit one those masterful approach shots onto the edge of the green and have it roll back to the hole. For most golfers, it can… Continue reading →

Dropping Bombs at the Inaugural California Long Drive Championship

Long drive athletes from near and far competed in the first annual California Long Drive Championship at Haggin Oaks. Over the last few years, long drive has exploded in popularity all across the world. You might have seen someone practicing on the driving range or the World Long Drive Championship on the Golf Channel. Haggin… Continue reading →

10 Reasons the Express 9 at Bing Maloney is Sacramento’s Most Beginner-Friendly Course

Golfing the Express 9 at Bing Maloney is a fantastic choice for new golfers. Golf can be intimidating, especially for beginners. If you’re looking for a course to get started at, look no further than the Express 9 at Bing Maloney. With seven par-3s and two par-4s, it’s the perfect length and perfect challenge for… Continue reading →

Sacramento Golf Tips: How to Hit an Uphill Lie

Haggin Oaks Director of Golf Mike Woods shares how to hit when your ball is on a steep, uphill lie. Landing in a bunker is already a difficult situation to be in. But what do you do when your ball rests on an uphill lie, like the edge of a bunker? You can’t just hit… Continue reading →

Sacramento’s Rich Native American Golf Heritage

Native American Golf History in Sacramento: A Journey Through History and Tradition on the Fairways The Native American golf history in Sacramento, California is a rich and diverse one. The sport has been played in the region for centuries. To which Native Americans have played a significant role in its development. One of the earliest… Continue reading →

Sacramento Golf Tips: How to Hit Out of a Buried Lie

A buried lie is one of the most difficult shots in golf, but you can recover from it easier than you think. We all end up in the bunker from time to time. Sometimes it’s a simple chip onto the green, but sometimes you find that dreaded buried lie, when your ball is embedded in… Continue reading →

Sacramento Women’s Golf Club: Jean Hock Memorial Tournament

Halloween Fun with the Sacramento Women’s Golf Club to celebrate the memory of Jean Hock. Approximately 76 women joined the SWGC ( Sacramento Women’s Golf Club ) Wednesday Club for the “Jean Hock Memorial Guest Day” Tournament. Jean’s favorite holiday was Halloween so the ladies celebrate it in style (see photo attached). This group meets… Continue reading →