The Haggin Oaks Academy Holes

Tour Pros know that getting up and down from 50 yards out is the key to their success. Those “Scoring Shots” can save them a few strokes every round. This could not be truer for the average golfer as well. Our coaches agree that if golfers would spend as much time on their “Scoring Shots” as they do on their long game, they would soon see amazing results.

At the Academy, we have created the perfect environment to practice your short game. The three-hole academy is designed to provide true playing conditions with every type of shot that you could encounter on the course. Each hole is maintained every day and offers the opportunity to practice the following shots from 50 yards and in:

  • Flat Bunker Shots
  • Up hill, down hill and side hill bunker shots
  • Buried lie bunker shots
  • Pitching and chipping from the rough
  • Pitching and chipping from the fairway
  • Flop shots over bunkers
  • Pitch shots to tiered greens
  • Up hill, down hill and side hill pitching
  • And so much more

We welcome golfers to bring their shag bag and practice the many different shots the academy has to offer from 50 yards and in. To rent the facility, just call (916) 808-2531 and reserve your appointment today. The fee to practice on the academy is $15 per hour/ per person or $8 per half hour/ per person, with a maximum of 2 golfers on a hole per hour. Once you have paid your fee, please follow the signs and drive directly down the left side of the range and park in the back of the range parking lot. The Academy is located on the far side.

Each day we rotate the practice hole, so you are assured of finding pristine conditions and amazing variety on every visit. The hole with the roping is the practice hole for the day. If you are serious about lowering your scores, the Academy Holes will be your new favorite spot.