Golf for Newbies

At Haggin Oaks we are ready to help you start your journey to become a Golfer!


This place is BIG! Where do I start?
• Visit the Grille or the Food Truck and enjoy a meal on the Patio or at the Driving Range and just watch what’s going on.
• Spend some time browsing in the Nationally Awarded Golf Super Shop and the Pro Shop to see what there for you.
• Did you know there are two separate golf courses at Haggin Oaks – the Alister MacKenzie 18 hole championship course and the Arcade Creek Red and Blue 9 hole courses. Each course has its own practice green adjacent to the first holes. Putting practice is free and doesn’t require a reservation!
• The award winning driving range will soon be equipped with “Top Tracer” technology and is open at night with a lighted range.

Do I need to have golf clubs?
• Not necessarily! If you’re not yet committed to jumping in, we have rental clubs for a $30 fee you can use to “get the feel” of hitting a golf ball on the range or putting on the practice greens. (ask in the Pro Shop)
• We also have boxed sets of clubs – everything you need to get started at afford- able prices. No need to guess what’s best for you – a golf professional will work with you to get you fit for the right clubs. (ask in the Super Shop)

How do I start to learn?

This program is designed to introduce brand new golfers to the FUN-damentals of golf. It will help to remove any barriers keeping a potential golfer from joining the sport. Participants are introduced to the golf facility, learn about etiquette, rules, booking tee times, equipment selection and basic, simple instruction.

Golf 101
This program is all about FUN and is geared around learning the key FUN-damentals needed to improve your game. Both short and full swing techniques are covered as well as other key segments of the game to get you ready to play on a course. Beginning golfers, frequent golfers and former golfers are all encouraged to enjoy this experience.

Golf 201
This program is geared around the skillsets of the game needed to lower your scores. There will be sessions on short game, full swing, and how to practice. Bunker play and some of the variable “trouble” shots will be introduced as well. Golfers looking to prepare for play on the course, those who have some experience on the course, and beginning golfers looking to lower their scores are encouraged to participate in this class. This is a great follow-up program after having taken our Golf 101 program.

Weekend Wedges:
Focus is on using your wedges from 5 to 60 yard distances and emphasizes deliberate practice, discipline, variability, assessment and enjoyment. Learning will consist of structured and random practice.

Game of Wedges:
Teaches golfers to reach their peak performance and enables them to assess their skill level with wedges from 50 yards and closer.

The Approach Shot:
Using wedges and ‘more’ from 60 to 100 yards from the green. You’ll learn to use various clubs to achieve better results on a consistent basis.

• Go Play!
Play to Improve
his holistic player performance program caters to athletes who want enjoy the game, play pain free and lower their handicap. Group training creates a fun and engaging learning environment where Play to Improve athletes can push themselves with other players that have similar golfing goals. Each training session will consist of training in our five performance pillars and focus on multiple disciplines.

Play to Compete
This holistic player performance program caters to athletes who are mid-range handicappers looking to get into the single digits. Group training creates a fun and competitive learning environment where Play to Compete athletes can enjoy some friendly competition with other golfers! Each training session will consist of training in our five performance pillars and focus on multiple disciplines.

Practice Makes Perfect
This program is all about seeing improvement in a fun, social environment while creating consistency in your practice habits by attending on a regular basis. Coaches Ed and Joe utilize their many years of experience to create weekly topics to help you understand how you can enjoy the game more while lowering your scores.

Women’s Mentor Leagues
One of the fastest growing groups at the facility organized by Linda Reid, our Women’s Golf Ambassador. The 9 hole leagues meet year round Wednesday and Friday mornings and Thursday evenings (April – Sept). Women of all skill levels are welcome and new(er) golfers are paired with players of similar ability with one of the volunteer mentors who will teach them all the nuances of the game. “Seasoned” players are welcome as well. These groups are very welcoming, encouraging and just FUN. You’ll meet lots of new golfing friends here!

Private Golf Lessons
Meet with one of our many established golf professionals to schedule a time for a game assessment session at so you can review your goals for your golf game. Whether you’d like to spend 30 minutes, an hour or an extended amount of time on the course, we have a plan for you!
Although there are many options in terms of group learning lessons and private lessons, we also offer the ability to customize your own individual or group session. Whether it’s friends, co-workers, with a spouse or by yourself … our team has the ability to map out a specific program to fit your needs with scheduling, coaching or growth opportunities.

For More Information on any of these programs, clinics or classes contact our Concierge Desk at Haggin Oaks (916) 808-2531

How do I find other golfers to play with?

Women’s Mentor Leagues
Wednesday and Friday mornings year round & Thursday evenings (from April – September) 9 hole leagues on the Arcade Creek course. For new(er) golfers we have volunteer mentors to join you at no additional cost. Contact Linda Reid – Women’s Golf Ambassador at or call (916) 952-2111

• Mike Woods’ Play Group
Mike’s play group is a casual group that has been golfing for a few years, with many singles and twosomes joining each week.  Golfers receive a weekly email invitation to play and can play any weeks that fit their schedule.  Mike chooses the pairings and emails out the tee times 2 to 3 days beforehand.  The Play Groups are perfect to meet new friends and enjoy a casual round of golf.

Each week the group plays on Tuesday mornings on the Alister Mackenzie GC (18 holes) or Friday mornings on the Arcade Creek GC (9 holes).  Join the fun by getting on Mike’s roster – email

• Sacramento Golf Club 18 hole play, NCGA membership and GHIN membership & many other benefits

5 Women’s Home Clubs
Haggin Oaks Women’s G.C. plays 18 holes Tuesday mornings on Alister MacKenzie
Sacramento Women’s G.C. plays 18 holes Wednesday mornings on Alister MacKenzie
Haggin Oaks Business Women’s G.C. plays 18 holes every other Sunday morning on Alister MacKenzie and once a month at Bing Maloney
Haggin Oaks Women’s 9ers plays every Thursday morning on Arcade Creek
The Sacramento Chapter of the LPGA Amateurs has a variety of 9 and 18 hole play opportunities in the Greater Sacramento area during the week and on weekends – as well as group clinics, classes and educational opportunities. Open to women of all skill levels (including newbies!)

For specific contact information for any group, reach out to Linda Reid at

Let us be a resource to help you find answers to FAQs like …

Question: Is there a dress code?
Answer: No, there’s no specific “code” like a private course will have. Just be sure your clothes give you ‘room to move’ as you swing the club. You will want to wear comfortable soft-soled shoes (like tennis shoes) if you don’t have golf shoes. The newer golf shoes look and feel a lot like tennis shoes, but have different soles that give you better traction.

Question: Is everyone welcome to play?
Answer: yes. There are different rates for playing 9 or 18 holes on the Arcade Creek course as well as rates to play 18 holes on the Championship Alister MacKenzie course. There are special discounted rates for ‘seniors’ and ‘juniors’ as well. Be sure to ask about the City Play Card that provides discounted rates at all the City golf courses – Haggin Oaks, Bing Maloney, Bartley Cavanaugh and Wm. Land Park. At Haggin Oaks we have specialized handicap equipment.

Question: Can I try out clubs?
Answer: Yes … the staff in the Super Shop will help you select clubs to “try” on the driving range at no cost. By leaving your drivers’ license with them to secure the return of the clubs, they will give you a bucket of range balls so you can get the feeling of hitting different clubs.

Question: I have clubs but how do I get balls at the driving range?
Answer: The golf ball dispenser machine is located near the center of the driving range bays – behind the Super Shop and near the food truck. We accept only credit/debit cards and you can select the number of balls you will need before going to one of the hitting bays.

Question: How do I get on the course? Do I have to make a tee time?
Answer: Making a tee time is always the best thing to do. If you come to the course and “hope” to play without a tee time, you might be disappointed because there may be no openings or a big tournament might be going on. You can set a tee time on our website at or call the Pro Shop at (916) 808-2525. But if you’re here already, just stop in and ask at the desk. Our staff is always ready to help you.
You might want to start with 9 holes on the Arcade Creek course if you’re a newer golfer – it’s a lot easier than MacKenzie and is a great “teaching and learning” course. There are five sets of tee boxes so you can start closer at the “forward” tees to make your first few rounds a little easier. You don’t need to play from the furthest set of tees.

Question: What’s at the back of the driving range?
Answer: There is a road that runs along the side of the driving range that takes you to more hitting bays and the Academy Holes. These three “real” golf holes have tee boxes, fairways, sand traps and greens. They are the perfect way to practice without being on a golf course and are available to rent through the concierge desk in the Super Shop. You will be given a token for range balls that are included in the cost for the Academy Hole. You can also call (916) 808-2531 to reserve one of the three holes. Many of the clinics and classes use these Academy Holes as well as our teaching professionals.

Question: Is it safe to play golf during Covid?
Answer: Actually golf is nearly the only sport that has been allowed to continue basically uninterrupted since March, 2020 because we are able to play with our own clubs (without sharing) and are able to maintain the six foot distancing policy on the course. The flag is now left in the hole and not handled and rakes have been removed from the sand traps. We are very careful to comply with the 6’ separation inside the facility and are able to remove masks when we’re outside. You are able to walk or take a riding cart as a single or share one with a family member. Safety is a priority for our staff and our customers!

If you have questions or concern, please feel free to contact Linda Reid by email or cell phone:
Linda Reid – Haggin Oaks Women’s Golf Ambassador
(916) 952-2111