End of the Year on Sale at Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop

Swing Into Savings on Unbeatable Golf Savings At The Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop! As the year draws to a close, golfers in the Sacramento area still have something special to look forward to, the End of the Year Sale on Sale at the Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop! The perfect opportunity to gear up… Continue reading →

From Fairways to Runways: How Whimsical Prints and Wild Designs are Teeing Up a Storm in Golf Polo Fashion

Swinging for Style: The Colorful Revolution of Golf Polo Fashion A kaleidoscope of colors, a myriad of fanciful prints, and a dash of audacious creativity – the golfing greens of 2023 have transformed into vibrant canvases where the sport’s attire has broken all traditional molds. If you’ve taken a stroll down the lush fairways this… Continue reading →

Welcome to The Convenience Tour: 7-Eleven Golf Merch

Swinging in Style: Exploring 7-Eleven’s New Convenience Tour; A Golf-Inspired Collection. Get ready to tee off in style like never before as the iconic convenience store chain, 7-Eleven, takes a swing at merging convenience with elegance on the fairway. Introducing “The Convenience Tour” – a collection that redefines the links with a dash of unexpected… Continue reading →

Original Penguin Chi-Chi Rodriguez Collab

The Legendary Chi-Chi Rodriguez Releases a Retro-Inspired Collection Alongside Original Penguin Original Penguin® by Munsingwear®, is delighted to announce the arrival of the Chi Chi Rodriguez 2023 Summer Collection. Combining a retro aesthetic with a modern twist and staying true to Original Penguin’s timeless heritage and style, the Chi Chi collection embodies Rodriguez’s distinctive charm… Continue reading →

Backspin Is Back With Brand New Polos!

Shop Backspin’s new line of polos in shop at Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop and online at Morton Golf Sales. Exclusively designed by our very own Ken Morton, Jr. for fellow National Golf Buyers Association stores, this exclusive and limited release offering of apparel is as fun as it is whimsical. With nods to Caddyshack… Continue reading →

Hosel Rockets Podcast #4 – Interview with Scott “Woody” Woodworth, the founder of Loudmouth Golf.

We sit down with Scott “Woody” Woodworth, the founder of Loudmouth Golf who created one of the most recognizable golf clothing lines in the market today. In our Jackburgeroni segment, we have a blast talking about which celebrities and historical figures it would be fun to play a round of golf with. Listen to the Hosel Rockets… Continue reading →

Bald Head Blues: New Golf Wear Brand at the Shop

Check out the new, chill line at the Super Shop. Quality-focused, classic-looking, and most importantly: relaxed.  Watch the video below from the owner and founder, Claude Pope, as he explains a little bit more about the Bald Head Blues brand. We certainly didn’t realize that island time was a concept any and every island followed!… Continue reading →

Have Fun with LoudMouth Pants at the Shop

We hear LoudMouth shorts make golf even more fun… The only way to find out is to get some for yourself! While golf can very well be a serious game, why be serious all the time? LoudMouth knows that golf is also a totally fun game especially when you don’t take it or yourself too… Continue reading →

Party with with the Travis Mathew Awesome Tour Van

Party Time at the Travis Mathew Awesome Tour Van at Haggin Oaks Golf Expo 2018 The apparel brand Travis Mathew is committed to pushing the boundaries and thinking outside the box. The Awesome Tour Van was born from that thinking. It features a full rooftop party deck, 5 high definition LED televisions, a fold-out patio,… Continue reading →