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Alister MacKenzie Golf Course at Haggin Oaks has Moved to Dynamic Pricing

What is dynamic pricing? Airlines, hotels, and even your favorite sports team have been utilizing dynamic pricing for years. Now this powerful pricing strategy has entered the golf arena.

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At Haggin Oaks, rates will be adjusted – both higher and lower – in real-time, based on demand, availability and other changing factors (yes, even Mother Nature plays her role in this new strategy). With rates changing in real-time, dynamic pricing puts you in the driver’s seat—giving you the chance to find the best rate and time that works for you.

At Haggin Oaks, greens fee pricing is determined by thorough analysis of specific metrics, competition, daily utilization of tee times, day parts (a period of time during the day of high or low demand), weather and other factors. Dynamic pricing is also determined through online traffic analytics, website page views, online booking rates, rounds comparisons and how this all correlates to walk-in, call-in, league, outing and membership play.

What does dynamic pricing mean for the golf consumer? In a nutshell, more affordable and accessible golf. While the most sought after day parts may sometimes see a slight increase in rates, the vast majority of tee times will be available at rates never seen before in the Sacramento golf market. Dynamic pricing puts you, the golfer, in control, offering the right TIME, to the right PERSON, at the right PRICE!

Golf carts are available for rental – $8.50 for 9 holes and $17 for 18 holes

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Quick Steps To Get the best Green Fee Rates – Book your individual tee time to get the best rate.


Option 1: If you are one of our valued customers with a play card:
Book your individual tee time online to be provided the BEST discounted rate.

Option 2: If you are one of our valued customers without a play card:
Take advantage of our discounted rates at each of our facilities by booking online.

Option 3: If your group has different player types
(Guest, Adult Cardholders and/or Senior Cardholders):
To get the lowest rates for each individual, please have each player in your group book online individually to ensure the lowest rate for each player.

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