Meet Our Super Shop Staff

Please click on the following links to see the biography for each of our Haggin Oaks Super Shop Staff Members:

  • Tammy Beckman, Accessory, Gift and Footwear Buyer

    Tammy Beckman started her career as a merchandiser before transitioning to the sales team in 2014. The most rewarding part of being a salesperson for Tammy is getting to help her customers find an outfit they didn’t think they could wear, finding something they wouldn’t have tried on, choosing a color they never considered, or finding a brand they had never previously discovered.
  • Chris Bitticks

    Chris Bitticks was named the 1984 NorCal PGA Clubfitter of the Year.  He has been a member of the PGA for 38 years, and turned pro in 1968. Chris played in the National Senior Club Pro for eight straight years. Represented Nor Cal PGA in cup matches vs. NCGA 12 times, and has been the Captain of NCPGA Senior Cup team the last four years.

  • Brad Bowen, Club Fitter

    Brad has been playing golf his entire life, first being handed a club when he was 2 years old. He has worked with some of the best club fitters here at Haggin Oaks and applied what he has learned to his already extensive knowledge with the hopes of offering an ever-improving experience to every customer he greets.

  • John Carlson, Merchandiser

    Jonny is the merchandiser at Haggin Oaks Super Shop, dedicated to crafting an appealing store layout that invites you in. With a passion to make people happy, Jonny always wear a smile as he curates the perfect shopping experience for the customer.

  • Jacob Custodio, Club Fitter

    Jacob’s love of the game started at the age of two, but he did not play competitively until high school. In 2018, while playing collegiate golf at William Jessup University, he began his career at Haggin Oaks as a cashier, and then later became a club fitter. By using his extensive knowledge gained from competitive golf, Jacob strives to find the equipment that best suits each customer’s specific needs.

  • Abigail Dixon, Merchandiser

    Abigail Dixon has been working on the Merchandising Team at Haggin Oaks since 2020, but she has grown up around golf and the facility. She has a passion for fashion and enjoys sharing her knowledge of clothing and merchandising with the team to create fun and engaging displays.

  • Emily Dixon, Soft Goods Sales Associate

    Emily is no stranger to the game of golf as it has been a part of her life since she can remember. She played at a high level in high school and in college and is still a single digit handicap today. She has grown up at Haggin Oaks and truly loves being able to work here everyday!

  • Jim Ford, Sales Associate

    Jim Ford is a Sales Associate with nearly 40 years of retail experience who works in our award-winning shoe store. Whether you are new to the game or you have played golf all your life, Jim knows that you can’t play well if your feet aren’t comfortable. Although he can’t promise to take strokes off your game, once you get fitted for a new pair of shoes, you WILL look good and your feet will feel great!

  • Richie Gibbs, Club Fitter

    Richie Gibbs has been a part of Haggin Oaks and Morton Golf since the age of 3 and played his first golf tournament at Haggin Oaks at the age of 5. Richie has a strong love and passion for the game of golf and enjoys helping people improve.

  • Heather Hadley, Senior Buyer – Apparel & Headwear

    Heather Hadley loves the freedom and creativity that comes with being the Ladies Apparel, Footwear and Golf Bag Buyer for Morton Golf. This gives her the opportunity to travel across the country in search of the latest and greatest fashion and technology trends. Her #1 goal is to ensure that her customers have the best selection in town.

  • Lina Hampton, Soft Goods Sales Associate

    Hello, I’m Lina! I work in soft goods sales, meaning I’ll happily assist you in finding the clothing of your wildest golfing dreams! I take pride in my color matching and coordinating skills, and I love to help create eye-catching outfits for you to rock the greens with!

  • Hannah Harman, Online Order Fulfillment and Customer Service Representative

    Hannah Harman is a Sacramento Native who first started working at Haggin Oaks during the summer of 2020 in the online store, Morton Golf Sales, at a time when golf became exponentially more popular throughout the nation.

  • Jenny Koplin, Online Storefront Manager

    Jenny Koplin has been a Soft Good Sales Associate at Haggin Oaks since 2008 and will do anything within her means to help her customers. That includes getting information on products, answering questions, equipping her customers with product knowledge, informing them on new and upcoming items and events in the Super Shop, and even setting up personal shopping appointments.

  • Photo of Kyle McGrath in front of Mountains

    Kyle Mcgrath, Club Fitter

    Kyle has been around the game of Golf for the entirety of his Life. He is the youngest of two Generations of Golf Professionals and continues to use those resources to better his understanding of the game. He is now Trackman Certified, Sam Putt Lab Certified, as well as a certified Titleist Staff Professional.

  • Woman Golfer in front of tee in blue and white polo shirt

    Denielle Mills, Merchandiser

    Denielle is a new merchandiser at Haggin Oaks Super Shop. She makes it a point to pay attention to the details that keep things fresh, new and pleasing to every eye! Her goal and hope for herself every day is keep learning new things and continue striving to be the best and most creative version of herself she can be.

  • Sam Powell, Club Fitter

    Sam has played golf since he was 8 years old; on the side until he quit baseball in 2016. Sam’s worked at Morton Golf since 2021, but has been a club fitter since 2018, on and off while he was going to college at Chico State where he majored in Marketing.

  • Photo of Chad Smith blue sky and winter trees in background

    Chad Smith, Club Fitter

    Hello there, I’m Chad and work in Hard Goods. I’ve been playing golf since I was 8 years old, with the help of my Dad cutting down a 3 wood and 7 iron for me to get started. I have played in multiple tournaments starting with the Desert Jr Golf League in Palm Springs to College golf at Sacramento State.

  • Juan Trujillo, Hard Good Sales Associate

    Juan has been playing golf since the age of 7 years old and since then has grew a strong passion for the game. Played 5 years of First Tee junior golf and currently aiming to play at the professional level. His current favorite brands are Titliest, and Wilson. Juan always enjoys a good laugh and will go above and beyond to make sure a customer is well taken care of and satisfied with his service.

  • Nick Wallace, Sales Associate/GPS & Laser Specialist

    Nick Wallace has been working in the Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop as a Sales Associate for over sixteen years. He is our resident GPS/Laser Specialist who demos each product to discover the features, benefits and functionality of all our electronic devices. Nick prides himself on providing great customer service to all of his patrons.

  • Andrew Wilson, Shop Sales Manager

    A passion for the game is what drew Andrew Wilson into the golf industry. While many avid golfers have believed that there is a profound connection between the joys and challenges of golf and the joys and challenges of living—few have dedicated themselves to the game and combined the two. For Andrew, the irresistibility of golf kept calling him in.

  • Leah Woods, Soft Goods Sales

    Introduced to golf at a very early age, Leah can’t remember a time when golf wasn’t present in her life. For Leah, golf has connected her to her family and has been something that she can always come back to.