Meet Our Super Shop Staff

Please click on the following links to see the biography for each of our Haggin Oaks Super Shop Staff Members:

  • Tammy Beckman, Sales Associate/Personal Shopper

    Tammy Beckman started her career as a merchandiser before transitioning to the sales team in 2014. The most rewarding part of being a salesperson for Tammy is getting to help her customers find an outfit they didn’t think they could wear, finding something they wouldn’t have tried on, choosing a color they never considered, or finding a brand they had never previously discovered.

  • Brett Carpenter, Lead Senior Sales Supervisor – Soft Goods

    Brett Carpenter is a young creative designer from Wisconsin who loves applying her design skills to everything she does. Creativity is something she has been obsessed with since she was young and she brings this creativity to the sales floor at Haggin Oaks.

  • Jim Ford, Sales Associate

    Jim Ford is a Sales Associate with nearly 40 years of retail experience who works in our award-winning shoe store. Whether you are new to the game or you have played golf all your life, Jim knows that you can’t play well if your feet aren’t comfortable. Although he can’t promise to take strokes off your game, once you get fitted for a new pair of shoes, you WILL look good and your feet will feel great!

  • Heather Hadley, Ladies Apparel, Footwear and Golf Bag Buyer

    Heather Hadley loves the freedom and creativity that comes with being the Ladies Apparel, Footwear and Golf Bag Buyer for Morton Golf. This gives her the opportunity to travel across the country in search of the latest and greatest fashion and technology trends. Her #1 goal is to ensure that her customers have the best selection in town.

  • Jenny Koplin, Sales Associate/Personal Shopper

    Jenny Koplin has been a Soft Good Sales Associate at Haggin Oaks since 2008 and will do anything within her means to help her customers. That includes getting information on products, answering questions, equipping her customers with product knowledge, informing them on new and upcoming items and events in the Super Shop, and even setting up personal shopping appointments.

  • Megan Stevenson, Sales Associate/Personal Shopper

    Megan Stevenson is passionate about getting to know people and their wants/needs to make their experience the best it can be. She enjoys finding and picking out outfits that make you feel your best and look amazing! Come in and set up a complimentary Style Bar with Megan. She can’t wait to shop with you!

  • Nick Wallace, Sales Associate/GPS & Laser Specialist

    Nick Wallace has been working in the Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop as a Sales Associate for over sixteen years. He is our resident GPS/Laser Specialist who demos each product to discover the features, benefits and functionality of all our electronic devices. Nick prides himself on providing great customer service to all of his patrons.