How to Boost Your Game without Breaking the Bank

Regripping your clubs can revitalize your swing and add vital yards to your shots When people try to improve their golf game, they might buy new clubs, sign up for lessons, or try new practice routines. One often-forgotten (and much cheaper!) element of your golf game is maintaining your clubs themselves. Keeping them in good… Continue reading →

The Good, the Bad, & the Nonconforming: A Look Back at the Bullet Hollow Point

Designed by Steve Dunn, this revolutionary driver ended up bringing a $20 million lawsuit against the USGA. In the early 90s, Steve Dunn of Bullet Golf came up with a wild idea for a driver that had all its weight out in the heel and toe of the club. We don’t mean he distributed its… Continue reading →

Bigger = Better? A Look Back at the MacGregor Response

Designed by Clay Long, this gigantic putter was saved from obscurity when it helped make history in 1986. In 1986, Clay Long of MacGregor Golf set out to create a “corrective putter” to help golfers better line up their putts. In the process of doing this, he realized that he would have to make a… Continue reading →

The Alien Shot Saver Wedge—a Golf Club Not of This World

Designed by Pat Simmons, this bulbous wedge was meant to get out of the sand nearly 100% of the time. Pat Simmons was a club designer who was known for many unconventional designs. He was responsible for starting the Tiger Shark brand along with several others. If you watched late night TV back in the… Continue reading →

Mizuno Pininfarina, the Square Driver Designed by Ferrari

The first ever square driver was an European-exclusive, designed by legendary Ferrari designer Sergio Pininfarina. Back in the late 80s, Mizuno Golf wanted to break into the driver space with something unique and innovative. They worked with Ferrari designer Sergio Pininfarina to bring the creatively named Mizuno Pininfarina driver to the market—a square metal driver…. Continue reading →

Golf Shafts: Explained!

The golf shaft is an often overlooked component of any proper fitting golf bag. It’s easy to understand why. A golf head strikes the ball. The golf grip is held in your hands. Whereas, the golf shaft “just” connects between those. Nonetheless, a golf shaft is arguably the most important aspect of any golf club…. Continue reading →

Everything you want to know about the Eqlizr Putter by NXO GOlf!

The Eqlizr Putter by NXO Golf is an impressive piece of equipment that is moving the needle in Golf Technology. It will maximize your stroke with its very customizable features! There are a few different ways to describe the Eqlizr Putter. We feel that Unstoppable, Unwavering, and Inexorable are definitely the right words to emphasize… Continue reading →

World’s Cheapest Golf Set

Inflation doesn’t seem to ever halt. Golf equipment is getting more and more expensive. This makes golf have one of the largest barriers of entries of any sport out there. In order to combat this never-ending trend, we here at Haggin Oaks have researched and compiled the “World’s Cheapest” golf set that is currently available… Continue reading →