Golf Coach / Instructor Biographies

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  • Ed Adams, Teaching Professional

    Ed Adams is a Teaching Professional who first joined the Morton Golf coaching team in 2012. Prior to joining the team, Ed spent 10 years as Tournament Director of PGA Tour and LPGA Tour events. There, he had the opportunity to meet and talk frequently with many of the tour players. He brings that wealth of knowledge gained from those experiences about the game and how to play like a professional.

  • Shaun Barnes, PGA Professional

    Shaun Barnes first started playing golf when he was 10 years old, playing with his father and brother. Shaun and his brother played at Haggin Oaks in the junior golf program in the early 1980’s but he never took the game too seriously until 10 years later while earning an A.S. degree in Physical Therapy at Loma Linda University…

  • Alex Cooper, Director of Youth, Family & Adaptive Golf – Haggin Oaks Golf Complex

    Alex started playing the game at the age of 12, growing up in England. He is a PGA apprentice and graduated from Sacramento State with a bachelor’s degree in Physical Education.

    Alex’s aim is to simplify the game and make it fun, also striving to make each person feel that they are valued and heard.

  • Mike Duhamel, NCIG Director of High Performance Golf

    Mike Duhamel is a PGA/LPGA Tour Performance Coach and Class A Canadian PGA Member, who’s professional playing and coaching experience spans over 20 years. His expertise is holistic performance coaching and covers all areas of golf including putting, short game, and full swing.

  • Richie Gibbs, PGA Associate Golf Professional

    Richie is a PGA associate, splitting his time between teaching and club fitting. Richie is a 2020 graduate of Granite Bay High School. Following high school, he enrolled at Folsom Lake College & was on their golf team.

  • Will Harvey, Teaching Professional

    Golf is all about the swing, baby! But let’s be real, it’s not just about the technical stuff. It’s about the human element, too. That’s why I’m all about discovering the secrets to golf through body awareness, tempo, and balance. Once you’ve got those down, the technical side of the swing just falls into place like magic!

  • Dan Kowall, PGA Professional

    Dan has been a PGA Member for 43 years. He grew up on the Monterey Peninsula and began playing golf with his father at the age of ten. After playing in high school he went on to play college golf for The University of San Francisco. He entered the PGA of America Apprentice Program in Santa Cruz and earned his Class “A” status. While serving as an assistant, head professional, general manager and golf course owner, his passion for the game of golf led to an increased knowledge of skills as a player and instructor.

  • Joe Lukawski, Teaching Professional

    Joe joined the golf instructor ranks of Haggin Oaks in early 2011, but has had a long and impactful career in golf many years before that. Joe spent much of his career in education and coached golf both at the high school and collegiate ranks- most recently for Cosumnes Community College. He joined the Morton Golf team as a volunteer several years back, working with stroke survivors in our Saving Strokes golf program. He has since taught many of Haggin Oaks group instruction programs including the majority of our Play Golf America and Get Golf Ready programs…

  • Charlotte Mayorkas, Former LPGA Tour Player

    Charlotte Mayorkas is a San Diego native and considers herself to be an athlete, not just a golfer.
    Her first sport was tennis at a young age, where she excelled and found her love of competing. In her younger years she played any sport she could get her hands on, and at the age of 10 she found golf.

  • Dick McShane, Tenured Golf Professional

    Dick has been heavily involved with teaching many of the Haggin Oaks Junior Programs and was instrumental in starting the “California Eagles” program for the mentally and physically challenged, which earned him a “Community Service Award”. Dick has taught over 6,500 students. He is known for his patience, understanding and friendly demeanor. His philosophy is to keep instruction simple and easy to understand so that a fun atmosphere is created. He works with each student to design a personal improvement program to help them achieve their golfing goals…

  • Tom Morton, PGA Director of Coaching & Development

    Born in Sacramento, Tom has been raised at Haggin Oaks since the age of 5. His golf career was fostered through the Haggin Oaks Junior Golf Programs and through his father and five-time national PGA award winner, Ken Morton, Sr. Tom has played tournament golf since the Little Linker program at age 7, leading him to the Junior Golf Association of Northern California Tour and American Junior Golf Association events. His scholastic achievements and golf game enabled Tom to receive a golf scholarship to the University of California at Santa Barbara, where he played competitively for 4 years…

  • Steve Olsen, PGA Professional

    As a PGA teaching professional since 1996, Steve is committed to helping you achieve a greater enjoyment of the game. Whether you are just being introduced to the game or training for high level tournament play, Steve can help you realize your golfing goals. Steve believes that strong emphasis should be placed on the importance of pre-swing fundamentals. The proper grip, aim, stance, balance, posture, alignment and ball position is the foundation and basis of any good golf swing…

  • Don Pottle, Tenured Teaching Professional

    Don has been a Tenured Teaching Professional with Haggin Oaks for almost 20 years and has developed a significant and loyal clientele in the Northern California Region. His success is directly attributed to his professional and interpersonal skills, a solid teaching foundation and his ability to put his students at ease and making the learning experience fun and enjoyable. Don’s extensive knowledge and innovative techniques of teaching the golf swing and the many facets of the game, combined with his experience as a corporate manager and trainer have enabled him to be a confident, proficient and successful teaching professional…

  • Linda Reid, Women’s Golf Ambassador

    Golf has provided exceptional opportunities for Linda Reid that were never planned. By chance, she became involved with the LPGA Amateur (formerly EWGA) and over the last 18 years has held almost every Board position with that organization. That involvement led to a Board of Director position with The First Tee of Greater Sacramento and an opportunity to play and review amazing golf courses across the U.S. while writing for Golf Digest magazine…

  • David Stockly, PGA Professional

    David is a PGA Class A Professional with 15 years experience who is skilled at helping golfers of all ability levels improve their performance. A two-time PING Clubfitter of the Year, David is able to assist with all facets of the game: approach, mechanics, equipment, and maintaining a great attitude. His approach to teaching begins from the ground up. With the focus on a balanced, athletic swing and David’s friendly motivating style, the results will be increased consistency and solid golf shots…

  • Dale Edwards

    Dale has been a part of the Morton Golf family for many years. He is experienced in teaching many adult programs, with his students having success in all of them. His background is in the auto part industry; however, his passion is helping others have fun while learning how to play golf. Dale did not start to play until he was 30 years, allowing him to clearly understand the discomfort in starting the game later than others…

  • Ken Hurdle

    Ken Hurdle is an avid golfer dedicated to improving his skills and the skills of others. As a coach, he is committed to the betterment of himself and others. The transformational work of coaching for self-discovery involves giving participants opportunities to find out what works best and how they can contribute to their success. His commitment is to deliver outstanding results for his clients and to represent the integrity of the materials that he uses to the best of his ability.

  • Steve Lombard

    Born and raised in Sacramento, Steve started playing golf in the Junior Program at Del Paso Country Club when he was 8 years old. In the early 1970’s, he attended the Arnold Palmer Golf Academy at Cameron Park and played on the Jesuit High School golf team in Carmichael…