Sacramento Golf Tips: How to Take Relief in a Red Penalty Area

Taking relief from a red penalty area is similar to a yellow penalty area, with an extra option. No golfer is perfect. Every now and then we double-bogey an easy putt, hit a hard slice off the tee, fail to get our ball out of a bunker, or make some other simple mistake. It happens;… Continue reading →

Sacramento Golf Tips: When to Take Free Relief

Taking free relief in golf is simple, but most golfers misunderstand when they can take it. All golfers know that every stroke matters. One swing can be all the difference between winning and losing, and nothing feels worse than that one swing being from a penalty. There are however some instances where you can get… Continue reading →

Sacramento Golf Tips: How to Get Backspin on Your Swing

Haggin Oaks Director of Golf Mike Woods shares how to get backspin on your iron shots. We all want to play like the pros we see on the PGA Tour. Hit one those masterful approach shots onto the edge of the green and have it roll back to the hole. For most golfers, it can… Continue reading →

Sacramento Golf Tips: How to Hit an Uphill Lie

Haggin Oaks Director of Golf Mike Woods shares how to hit when your ball is on a steep, uphill lie. Landing in a bunker is already a difficult situation to be in. But what do you do when your ball rests on an uphill lie, like the edge of a bunker? You can’t just hit… Continue reading →

Sacramento Golf Tips: How to Hit Out of a Buried Lie

A buried lie is one of the most difficult shots in golf, but you can recover from it easier than you think. We all end up in the bunker from time to time. Sometimes it’s a simple chip onto the green, but sometimes you find that dreaded buried lie, when your ball is embedded in… Continue reading →

Sacramento Golf Tips: How to Curve Your Golf Ball

Haggin Oaks Director of Golf Mike Woods shares how to curve the golf ball. Picture this: you’re playing a par 4 and you’ve just hit a wonderful tee shot straight down the fairway. All you need to do is get it on the green and you have a good shot for birdie. You find your… Continue reading →

Sacramento Golf Tips: How to Play a Low Punch Shot

Haggin Oaks Director of Golf Mike Woods shares how to play a low punch shot in a minute. There’s nothing that can derail a great round of golf like a dreaded shank into the trees. You were so close to making par and now it’s going to take you an extra 2 or 3 swings… Continue reading →

KCRA 3’s Tamara Berg Checks Out Toptracer at Haggin Oaks Driving Range With Mike Woods

Tamera Berg of KCRA 3 News takes a trip to the Haggin Oaks Driving Range to show off the state-of-the-art TopTracer technology. The TopTracer technology enhances one’s driving range experience and makes the driving range more enjoyable for golf beginners. Tamera Berg is joined by golf professional and partial Haggin Oaks owner, Mike Woods. Mike… Continue reading →

11/27 – 12/03 Sacramento Golf Weekly Recap

In case you missed it… here is everything you need to know from this past week! Monday- Team Titleist Women’s Day On November 18, 2022, Haggin Oaks and Titleist teamed up to host Team Titleist Women’s Day. Wednesday- 2022 – Top 10 Putters The Top 10 Putters of 2022 list comes from understanding the golf… Continue reading →

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Mike Woods, The Golfer Of All Trades

It was two years ago when Mike Woods, the PGA Director of Golf at the Haggin Oaks Golf Complex, started giving some serious thought to increasing his playing schedule in PGA-Northern California Section events. Over the years, he has always played in one or two events during each season. Now, as he was turning 50… Continue reading →