Introducing the New Callaway APEX Utility Wood

Tour-Inspired Versatility & Power, Apex UW is a high-performance Utility Wood that Tour players love. This unique design combines the best features of higher-lofted fairway woods, the best features of hybrids, and a more neutral ball flight. Using direct feedback from world-class pros like Phil Mickelson, Xander Schauffele, and Akshay Bhatia to name a few,… Continue reading →

The Future of Golf is Titanium!

In 1995, Callaway Golf launched The Great Big Bertha, the first mass-produced titanium golf wood. The product revolutionized the industry and today nearly every single wood is titanium construction. However, as carbon fiber and other composites creep their way into the industry, will titanium find itself phased out? Firstly, what is titanium? Titanium is a… Continue reading →

Peter Lansburgh Shot 60 Setting New Course Record at Bing Maloney Golf Course

As he makes his way around the Sacramento area, going from course to course to play in standing games each week, Peter Lansburgh is starting to hear more and more from people in the golfing community. Lansburgh said he is hearing “a lot of good things.” That’s the way it is when word gets out… Continue reading →

Hosel Rockets Podcast #31 – CEO of Travis Mathew, Ryan Ellis

In this episode, Ken Morton Jr. has a chat with Ryan Ellis, the CEO of Travis Mathew. Founded in 2007, Travis Mathew has grown into a major player in the sportswear industry and beyond. With a smart blend of performance and innovative design, each piece of clothing is crafted to achieve a perfect balance between… Continue reading →

Can Golf Help You Lose Weight?

Golf is considered by many to be a leisurely activity. It often appears to be an easy stroll on a relaxing morning. However, contrary to this prevalent perception, the sport has HUGE health benefits.  The health benefits of golf vary depending on how you play. Riding in a cart will obviously burn fewer calories than… Continue reading →

How Are Service Dogs Impacting Golf?

Disability research and care have come a long way in recent decades. Much of that research has found huge benefits in service animals. It is important to remember that disabilities can be clearly apparent or more discrete. The ADA defines someone with a disability as, “a person who has a physical or mental impairment that… Continue reading →

Why is Golf the “Business Sport”? 

Golf has a social perception and Hollywood depiction of being the “business” sport. It is where connections are said to be formed and deals are said to be made. Historically, the sport was criticized as a subtle way to exclude women and minorities from informal company meetings. Yet, as female and racial minority participation in… Continue reading →

The Most Fun Headcovers in Golf!

Golf is a game synonymous with professionalism and seriousness. Sometimes it can be easy to forget that the sport is about having fun. Daphne’s Headcovers strives to remind golfers worldwide of the childish joy and excitement that is a part of golf.  Daphne’s Headcovers has been around for over four decades at this point. The… Continue reading →