What is Toptracer?

From the creators of Topgolf, Toptracer has taken the data driven technology that golf ball tracking has given and evolved it into an entertaining way to watch television and golf at the range.  Toptracer on Television Toptracer technology reached its initial global audience on television. Since golf was first televised, shots were difficult to convey… Continue reading →

3D Printing in Golf

3D printing has been possible for well over a decade now. However, it was primitive in its first applications. 3D printing was reserved for relatively frail plastics like PLA and ABS. Despite best efforts, this reserved 3D printing to merely rapid prototyping in the golf industry. Recent advances have enabled 3D printing methods that allow… Continue reading →

Golf for Newbies Part 3 of 4

How do I continue to learn? Go play! We offer even more golf programs, group and private lessons, and play groups for men and women. Join the fun and better your golf game! LEARN TO PLAY GOLF This holistic player performance program caters to athletes who want to enjoy the game, play pain-free and lower… Continue reading →

Golf for Newbies Part 1 of 4

This place is BIG! Where do I start? Courses | Shops | Special Events | Food | Driving Range Let’s start with the course! Did you know that Haggin Oaks has two separate golf courses? Alister MacKenzie 18 Hole Course The MacKenzie Golf Course is, without a doubt, the player’s course at the Haggin Oaks… Continue reading →

Hosel Rockets Podcast #24 – Interview With Toptracer’s Shaun Hansen – The Tech That’s Changing Golf

In episode 24 of the Hosel Rockets Podcast, Ken Morton, Jr. interviews Shaun Hansen from Toptracer. Toptracer Range technology uses high speed cameras, coupled with sophisticated computer algorithms, to provide instantaneous ball tracking information to guests using the range. Introducing this technology at Haggin Oaks will serve as an exciting way to introduce more people… Continue reading →

An Inside Look at New Golf Brand, Subtle Patriot

This Memorial Day Weekend we want to highlight a brand that’s entire mission is to increase awareness and support for our nation’s military veterans and first responders through custom-designed golf products. Subtle Patriot is that brand! They are based in Henderson, NV, and are dedicated to hiring veterans and working with third-party veteran-owned companies for… Continue reading →

What are Game-Improvement Golf Clubs?

Modern technology has enabled multiple innovations in golf equipment. While many of these innovations have increased the distance, performance, and versatility of new golf clubs, the “forgiveness” of modern clubs is unparalleled. This has led to a new classification and description for clubs as “game-improvement”, which offers maximum forgiveness and consistency. This forgiveness can be… Continue reading →

Topgolf and Its Impact on Golf

Topgolf is a divisive topic for golfers worldwide. Many people feel that these high-tech, entertainment-focused driving ranges degrade the sport’s image and reputation. Others find the relaxed atmosphere, lounge, and drinks to be a fun alternative to the typical day on the course. Regardless of your stance, Topgolf has already and will continue to have… Continue reading →