Inspiring Stories of Native American Golfers

Celebrating Tradition and Driving Successes of Native American Golfers In the vast landscape of professional golf, stories of triumph and perseverance echo across the fairways. Among the rising stars is Sahith Theegala, a 24-year-old Californian of Indian American descent. His journey into professional golf began in 2021, and in a short span, he etched his… Continue reading →

Sacramento’s Rich Native American Golf Heritage

Native American Golf History in Sacramento: A Journey Through History and Tradition on the Fairways The Native American golf history in Sacramento, California is a rich and diverse one. The sport has been played in the region for centuries. To which Native Americans have played a significant role in its development. One of the earliest… Continue reading →

The Unlikely Champion

1930 Open Championship at Royal Liverpool Golf Course The Royal Liverpool Golf Course, also known as Hoylake, is steeped in history and tradition. Established in 1869, it is the second oldest seaside golf links in England. Throughout its rich history, the course has hosted numerous prestigious tournaments, including The Open Championship. One of the most… Continue reading →

Everything You Want to Know About Royal Liverpool Golf Club

Read About the 2023 Open Championship Site: Royal Liverpool Golf Club Royal Liverpool Golf Club is a golf course located in Hoylake, England. It is one of the oldest golf clubs in England and was founded in 1869. The course is a par 71 and stretches to 7,252 yards. It has hosted many major championships,… Continue reading →

Where Is The Narrowest Golf Hole?

The narrowest hole in golf is debatable. It depends on various factors like the course, the specific hole, the time of year, which tees you’re playing and the definition of narrow. However, one of the narrowest holes on a professional golf course is the 9th hole at the Olympic Club in San Francisco, which measures… Continue reading →

Why Do We Use Bird Names In Golf?

Bird names in golf refer to scores on individual holes. This is a traditional part of the game that has been used for many years. The origin of bird names in golf is partially transparent, but it is believed to have evolved to describe the different scores that golfers could achieve on each hole, using… Continue reading →

The Arnold Palmer Invitational Sponsored by Mastercard

Arnold Palmer Still Influential On The PGA Tour Years After His Passing Ahead of this week’s Arnold Palmer Invitational, Sponsored by Mastercard event, we decided to reflect on how Palmer’s influence is still very much being felt today on the PGA Tour. He is widely regarded as one of the most influential figures in the… Continue reading →

Understanding The Story Behind 18-Holes

Golfers Expect 18-Holes 18-holes is a substantial standard for most golf courses globally. Whether you are at the Emirates Golf Club in Dubai or Allister Mackenzie Golf Course in Sacramento, CA, this is true. Most golfers and non-golfers alike know this as the contemporary status quo. In the past, the world of golf was much… Continue reading →

90 Years Young: The Haggin Oaks Story

Celebrate the 90 years of storied history at Haggin Oaks with this special documentary. If the century-old heritage oak trees at Haggin Oaks could talk, they’d tell remarkable tales of famous players and tournaments that have graced the course over its 90 years of operation. First opened in 1932, Haggin Oaks has been the starting… Continue reading →