90 Years Young: The Haggin Oaks Story

Celebrate the 90 years of storied history at Haggin Oaks with this special documentary. If the century-old heritage oak trees at Haggin Oaks could talk, they’d tell remarkable tales of famous players and tournaments that have graced the course over its 90 years of operation. First opened in 1932, Haggin Oaks has been the starting… Continue reading →

History of the Property at Haggin Oaks – Formerly Known as Rancho del Paso

Today’s blog entry is brought to us by Ken Morton, Sr, Morton Golf’s CEO. On December 20th, 1844, Rancho del Paso, a ranch of over 44,000 acres sold to Eliah Grimes and John Sinclair. This land grant was the first colonist settlement in the Sacramento Valley. The only other settlement at that time was granted… Continue reading →