What is a Launch Monitor?

Recent advances in technology have allowed for widespread implementation of launch monitors sport-wide. These launch monitors promise advanced statistics and information for as low as a few hundred dollars.

What are launch monitors? How do they work? What are the differences between different models and brands available? All these questions and more we will answer.

First, we will address what a launch monitor is. A launch monitor is an electronic device that tracks golf ball flight characteristics utilizing radar. Launch monitors are capable of providing distance, launch angle, location, and plenty of other flight data. Launch monitors take the data within the first few moments after impact.

The monitor utilizes radar to sense how the golf ball is moving directly after impact. This data is then extrapolated out to approximate total distance and location. At first, this may seem like an interesting decision. However, tracking the ball at impact means that most launch monitors can work both indoors and outdoors. You can strike balls into a net and still be able to track the ball as if you’re hitting on a driving range. 

If most launch monitors work similarly, then what separates good ones from bad ones? Launch monitors all functions on the same fundamental principles. Nonetheless, the accuracy and information provided can vary widely.

Think of a gasoline car. All gasoline cars operate on the same fundamental principles. Nonetheless, there are vast differences in both their quality and reliability.

For launch monitors, this comes down to what sensors are used, how many are included, and how that data is processed afterward. To break down these differences we will take a look at two different launch monitors at vastly different price points, but they are both excellent. 

The first launch monitor we will take a look at is the Swing Caddie SC300i. This portable launch monitor utilizes its doppler radar system to provide exceptionally accurate data. The device is enclosed in a single unit. There are no external sensors or cameras that you need to set up.

The SC300i has an orange and black screen that provides your data to you. Swing Caddie also provides an app that links to the SC300i to allow for more user-friendly data reading. All of these features are available for just $499.99. This low price and portability mean that the SC300i can be brought with you in your golf bag. Set it up on the range to track information or even quickly out on the course.  To get more information check it out HERE.

The second launch monitor we will look at is the SkyTrak launch monitor. This monitor is very different from the Swing Caddie. The SkyTrak is priced much higher at $2244.99. However, it features some truly incredible features. The launch monitor features a wide array of sensors to capture extremely accurate data.

The launch monitor is relatively compact but larger than the SC300i. SkyTrack has an app that connects to the launch monitor. Most impressively, SkyTrack has teamed up with multiple golf simulation companies. This allows you to virtually play various golf courses around the world. This feature makes this launch monitor stand out from its competition.

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