The New ES12 Digital Golf Assistant Explained

Here’s the scoop on an interesting new device that we have available inside the Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop.  It is called the ES12 Digital Golf Assistant from Ernest Sports and it is designed to help take your game to the next level! What does it do? Simply stated, it is “an innovative solution that listens, learns and reports”. Here’s what I found out about this device…

Video Analysis
Analyze and improve your swing plane with the video analysis. Use different colored lines to highlight and view your stance, arm extension, shoulder turn, head placement and more! The ES12 smartphone app leverages your phone’s video camera capabilites, allowing you to capture your swing for frame-by-frame analysis.

Interactive Range Session: Record, Report and Review
The smartphone app connects directly with your ES12 device via Bluetooth, giving you the ability to track and analyze your practice sessions. Once you hit a ball, the speed and distance are displayed on the LCD screen of the ES12 while the information is also displayed and stored on your smartphone.

Weather Data
Having the latest information about the weather on the golf course is critical to peak performance. The ES12 smartphone app has an integrated weather function to make knowing the latest forecast as convenient as possible. Simply input your zip code and view your local weather, including a radar image of the surrounding area. Know your weather, before it hits.

Share Your Scorecard
A great day on the golf course is even better when you can share with others! The ES12’s integrated scorecard function allows the user to log their scorecard in real time, save it for future comparison, and even share it on Facebook, Twitter and by email with your family and friends.

Take Notes
What was happening when you hit that perfect (or not-so-perfect) shot? Did you have good shoulder position? Were you feeling kind of tight? Did you do something differently in your stance that improved your drive? Take note! Never again forget about those small things that happen before, during or after your round.

Need Help with Club Selection?
The Course Caddy gives you the ability to input the distance you need to hit your ball. By pulling all of your logged range sessions, the ES12 will make a club recommendation based on your past performance with each club.

The ES12 retails for $249.99 and is available now at the Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop. Click HERE to order online at

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