Volunteer Profile: SIDEKICK The Golf Dog

Sidekick the Golf Dog has been a Haggin Oaks volunteer for approximately the past 8 years.

Sidekick the Golf Dog and the late Hank MacDougall.

He was owned by Hank MacDougall, age 80 a Player Assistant at Haggin Oaks Golf Complex.

On June 23rd, 2023, Hank suffered a stroke while volunteering on the golf course and passed on the following day.  Hank had several friends that also volunteer at Haggin Oaks, and they came to help in his time of need.  His good friend, that he met a few years ago, Lise Smith is also a Player Assistant.  They were not only friends, but both enjoyed the love of the game of golf.

They played on a weekly basis with Sidekick by Hank’s side.

When Hank passed he always knew if anything would happen to him that his golf dog Sidekick would always be taken care of by Lise Smith.  Sidekick now lives with Lise and her mini-schnauzer, Mollie.  Sidekick is known at Haggin Oaks as being a silent dog that never barks. Hank had Sidekick from a puppy on and trained him to be a Certified Service Dog at Shriner Children’s Hospital and UCD Children’s Hospital in Sacramento.

Lise Smith and Sidekick the Golf Dog.

Hank, during his career days, was a First-Class competitor in Harness Racing. He also worked at Cal Expo and when Sidekick was just a puppy a coworker offered the dog to Hank and the rest is history.

Sidekick now barks at night only when he wants to get the attention of deer, bunnies and quail that come into Lise’s backyard in Rancho Murieta.

Watch for Sidekick at Haggin Oaks. The only way you know he is around seeing everyone hugging and petting him on his weekly trips to the course with Lise.

Thanks Lise for being such a great friend and asset at Haggin Oaks.

Haggin Oaks is a wonderful play to enjoy a game of golf and meet new friends for a lifetime.

Sidekick is welcome at Haggin Oaks anytime!


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