A Morning of Fun & Learning at Bing Maloney with the First Green

Elementary students learned all about STEM and agriculture at through the First Green program at Bing Maloney Golf Course

Bing Maloney Golf Complex recently hosted a First Green field trip, welcoming students from New Joseph Bonnheim Elementary. Organized by superintendent Muhammad Ali, the event aimed to teach students about STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) through the lens of a golf course. The event gave children a fun escape from the usual classroom environment.

To start the morning, the students were treated to K9 demonstration by the Sacramento Agricultural Commissioner Office’s K9 unit. Then the students divided into groups to visit several stations focused on different environmental topics. They learned about pH levels and surface tension in water, wildlife preservation and observation, measurements and calculating square footage, different types of grass, and different tools used on a golf green. Of course, they learned how to play golf as well!

After the students visited all the stations, they received one more demonstration with a mower on the practice green. Swag bags were handed out to all the kids for coming and they all left excited about everything they had seen that morning. Learning is fun!

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