Simple Golf Swing Tips – Pre Shot Routine

Katie Hamilton, PGA Professional at the Haggin Oaks Golf Complex, continues her Simple Golf Swing Tips series with her new series on Course Management and Routine

The Pre-Shot Routine is the focus of Katie’s first video in this series. It is important to assess what kind of shot you want to do prior to hitting the golf ball.

If there is a water hazard on the left and trees on the right, it is important to pick the spot where you want to hit the ball and then focus in on that spot. Consider buying a yardage book or create your own with a small notebook where you can write down how far you hit each of your clubs.

If you are struggling to improve your game, consider investing in an Arccos app device. Click HERE for more information. The Arccos is a little piece that you attach to the end of your club that links to your phone. The app will mark where you hit the ball on the course and how far you are going. It will point out if you are hooking your shots and much more.

Tune in next time for Katie’s next Simple Golf Swing Tip or call 916-808-2531 to book a lesson with her. To learn more about Katie and her teaching style, click HERE.

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