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Do you want your child to be physically active? Do you value an environment in which core values such as respect, integrity, responsibility, and honesty are ever-present?

At William Land and Bing Maloney Golf Courses, we have a program that does just that in our Year Round After School Golf Program. In all of the junior golf programs, the Three Pillars of the Northern California Institute of Golf For Kids are present. They are core values and life skills, athletic skill development and golf skill development.

Core Values and Life Skills
As coaches for the Northern California Institute of Golf For Kids (NCIG4Kids), th primary focus is to help create the most well rounded human/golfer possible. Both William Land and Bing Maloney Golf Course are program locations of The First Tee of Greater Sacramento and have a strong focus on implementing and educating our participants on The First Tee Core Values™. The First Tee Core Values™ are honesty, integrity, sportsmanship, respect, confidence, responsibility, perseverance, courtesy and judgment; each of which is incorporated into our classes on a daily basis. We believe our team has a responsibility to all of our participants in holding them accountable for the understanding, but also the living out of all nine of the core values.

Athletic Skill Development
Another goal of the staff is to help create a physically literate athlete through athletic stations and games. We aspire to create an athlete before we create a golfer, as research shows if a child is athletically proficient they will not only be a better golfer, but they will perform better in school, be less likely to become overweight and will have more self-confidence. In addition to the benefits of being physically active, it is also considered among our participants as one of their favorite activities of class! As coaches, we will continue to encourage our golfers to be physically active and become better athletes through different activities during our Year Round After School Program. We wholeheartedly believe in creating an athlete before a golfer, as children will benefit not only in golf, but in their life.

Golf Skill Development
Our philosophy in regard to junior golf skill building is to set the environment through a station based approach and allow the student to learn through doing. This means coaches will have different stations for different golf skills (chipping, pitching, putting, bunker play, etc.) and children will rotate through them. As coaches, we strive to create a positive learning environment for our participants so they can test and work on different skills at their own pace. This encourages our golfers to be creative, try new techniques and encourages them to learn from mistakes. Research shows when a child explores different techniques and strategies and has the choice to decide what feels comfortable, learning is taking place in that specific moment. As golf coaches, our goal is to help instill a love and passion for the game of golf as we all have, whether athletes play for fun in the future or play at a higher level.

Our Year Round After School Program is a great opportunity for all children ages 7-18 to not only learn the game of golf but to develop as a person and athlete. Our Year Round After School Program is held every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 4:00 pm– 5:30 pm. On Tuesday and Thursday, the program takes place at the William Land location, while on Wednesday it takes place at Bing Maloney. If you have any questions about our Year Round After School Program or any of our other junior golf programs please contact Joe Storbakken (916) 808-5841 or email at

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