Leupold Laser Rangefinders

Have you ever wondered which golf laser rangefinder is right for you? There are so many different makes and models out on the market. It can be overwhelming when shopping to find the right one. Frank LaRosa with Golf to Go on ESPN 1320 explores your options with Leupold – the industry leader in hunting scopes.

Leupold has been in business since 1907. They are an optics company that also makes the majority of the military’s sniper scopes. Simply stated: They know optics!

To use these laser rangefinders, it is as easy as the press of a button. Press the button to turn on the unit, point towards your target and press the button again to find out the yardage. It reads to a tenth of a yard and it is accurate to within +/- 1/2 yard.

The Leupold GX-3i Golf Rangefinder retails for $399.99. The contrast in the viewfinder is better than any others on the market which means you can read it easier. This isn’t the least expensive model on the market or even in the Leupold line; however, it is the top seller from Leupold. Click HERE for more details.

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