Is a TrackMan Fitting Worth It?

TrackMan fittings can seem like a daunting experience. When do you know if you’re ready for one? We asked Ken Morton Jr. this and other questions.

Ken Morton Jr.

The world of technology is constantly changing and evolving. It never rests, just like that annoying kid kicking the back of your seat on a flight. However, unlike a prepubescent freckled-faced-punk, technology aims to improve your life. It is for this reason, that every sport has been taken over by the age of statistics and calculations. Computers have revolutionized how professionals approach the game of the golf. TrackMan Launch Monitors have been at the forefront of this technological revolution for over a decade in golf. But what does the average golfer have to gain from a TrackMan fitting? To answer this, we asked Ken Morton Jr., the VP of Retail and Marketing here at the Haggin Oaks Golf Supershop.

How long have we been using TrackMan systems here at Haggin Oaks Golf Complex?
“We’ve been using TrackMan Launch Monitors here at Haggin since 2006”

Does the average golfer have something to gain from the statistics and information supplied by the TrackMan system?
“Most definitely, the TrackMan Launch Monitors can provide spin and launch characteristics that were otherwise virtually impossible to obtain. It also allows fitters to gap irons correctly from real data”

I know most golfers aren’t performing at the level they would like to, especially people just getting into the sport. I imagine many people probably feel too embarrassed by their current performance to want a machine tracking their shots. What would you say to these individuals?
“I could give any club to Tiger Woods and within two or three hits, he would have figured out how to get the most distance out of it. The beginner golfer can’t do that. A proper TrackMan fitting is actually most important when first entering golf. Ill-fitting equipment can be the difference between continuing the sport and giving up. You’re spending the same money you would on a lesson, so why not get equipment that works for you?”

What is the most common correction you see made during a TrackMan fitting?
“Nearly everyone is hitting the ball too low. The Trackman system is able to show with real-time data the optimal loft for drivers to maximize distance”

Well, what about experienced golfers? What is there for them to gain from a Trackman fitting if they already have clubs they play well with?
“It is essentially an education for them. It allows experienced golfers to now understand why the ball behaves the way it does. Also, shafts and equipment from five years ago don’t exist today. If you’re upgrading, the TrackMan fitting will help you find the modern clubs and equipment that work best for you”

In conclusion, Ken Morton Jr. recommended a TrackMan fitting over regular fitting in nearly every situation. The cost is more expensive, but he emphasized the importance of getting proper fitted equipment. We hope this information is beneficial when it comes time to decide how to upgrade the clubs in your bag.

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