Tips for Hitting High and Low Shots from Teaching Professional Calvin Carpenter

Calvin Carpenter, Teaching Professional at Haggin Oaks Golf Course, shows us how to hit both a high and low shot with your irons.

For a low shot, he says to play the ball slightly behind the center of your stance, to position the handle of the club forward and to hit with a wider stance. Calvin instructs that for hitting the ball high, you should position the ball forward and place the handle of the club straight up.

Watch Calvin, Callaway Golf Staff Member, breaks it down for you in the video below.

Calvin explains where you place your feet is key in hitting a high and low shot correctly. Both of these shots are easy to pick up and can offer control and accuracy around the green.  Calvin recommends you practice a few each of your high and low shots each time you visit the range as it will give you a greater understanding and feel for your golf swing as a whole.

Stop by the Haggin Oaks Golf Complex to talk to Calvin or to schedule a lesson or club-fitting appointment with him. Learn more.

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