The Morton Golf Foundation 2022 Annual Report

As the Morton Golf Foundation (MGF) moves forward into 2023, they reflect on last year with the MGF 2022 Annual Report. They continue to explore how they can help the Sacramento community and push their mission forward. Helping those with special needs, organizations reaching less privileged children, our nation’s veterans, stroke survivors, and scholarships to further educational opportunities will continue to be a priority. Please look at some of the tremendous programmatic successes highlighted in the MGF 2022 Annual Report.

The Villara Capital Cup Fundraiser

The Villara Capital Cup adapts the historic Ryder Cup format—steeped in tradition—to promote community pride and healthy competition and raise money for the Sacramento region’s most deserving charities. – Villara Capital Cup.

The Morton Golf Foundation participated in the 8th Annual Villara Cup Fundraiser and raised $83,000.00!

Golf & Guitars “FORE” Teen

Golf & Guitars “FORE” Teen is a country music festival & charity event. The event raises money for key children’s charities in Sacramento, Ca.

Golf & Guitars has raised 1.5 million dollars for charity with this event since its inception.

The Putting Party

The Putting Party is a charity event supported by the Morton Golf Foundation.

Morton Golf Raised $43,000 for college scholarships given to high school seniors in 2022.

Angels For Hearts

Angels for Hearts is a Sacramento-based nonprofit. Their mission is to bring normalcy to pediatric heart patients ages newborn to 18.

In 2022, This program received a generous amount of support from donors. They continue to grow the game of golf one heart family at a time.

The USPP Special Olympic Games

The Morton Golf Foundation is proud to support the USPP Special Olympic Games.

Tom Corlett (pictured above) had the opportunity to go to the US Special Olympic Games in Orlando, Florida, and support Jeremy McCarthy, Special Olympics Athlete (also pictured above).

The MGF Annual Report is a reflection on the past year. The Morton Golf Foundation is very proud of 2022 and looks forward to 2023. Every day the Morton Golf Foundation makes a difference in the lives of our local youth, disabled and underserved.

To view the whole Morton Golf Foundation 2022 Annual Report, click here.

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