Top 3 Strangest Golf Carts

There are few vehicles as mundane and boring as a golf cart. These electric vehicles are both unexciting to drive and unexciting to look at. Thankfully, companies from around the world have stepped up to the plate and taken on the challenge of developing a better golf cart. Today we will look at the top… Continue reading →

Play a New Game of Golf with Our New Golf Boards!

Surf the earth and experience golf in a whole new way with our all new GolfBoards that are available for rent here at Haggin Oaks! These boards allow you to surf all around the course with ease, feel the fresh air as you move from hole to hole, be able to navigate the course more… Continue reading →

GolfBoards Available at Haggin Oaks!

A NEW Golfing Experience, Surf the Course on the GolfBoard at the Haggin Oaks Golf Complex Haggin Oaks recently received four GolfBoards, and they are available to rent while playing on the Alister MacKenzie or Arcade Creek Golf Courses. Enjoy a new experience on the course and play your next round on one of these… Continue reading →

Sneak Peak at the July Dirty Dozen Deals!

Shop our Dirty Dozen Golf Sale at Haggin Oaks, Bing Maloney or online at for the best deals in golf from the manufacturers you trust. We have 12 fantastic deals and 3 new product launches during the month of July! Check out all the golf ball savings this month: Titleist Velocity Golf Balls (’15… Continue reading →

GolfBoards Now Available at Haggin Oaks!

Introducing a Whole NEW Golfing Experience, be the First to Ride the GolfBoard at Haggin Oaks Golf Complex Haggin Oaks just received four GolfBoards, available to rent while playing on Alister MacKenzie. Be one of the first golfers to play a round on them by completing the safety and liability waiver! Click HERE to register…. Continue reading →

The GolfBoard is Coming to Haggin Oaks!

Sign up Today for a Chance to Win a Foursome of Golf on the NEW GolfBoard at Haggin Oaks Golf Complex Looking for a new way to experience the golf course? You’re in luck, Haggin Oaks will be receiving a delivery of the GolfBoards in the next coming weeks. Be one of the first golfers… Continue reading →