5 Adaptive Golf Carts Available At Haggin Oaks

Haggin Oaks Golf Complex has 5 adaptive golf carts for people with disabilities available for use.Two of them are bucket style and the other three are solo rider carts. Both style carts have room for your golf clubs attached. Bing Maloney Golf Course has one style of the solo rider cart available. This is a… Continue reading →

Pimp My Ride: Golf Cart Edition

We’ve all seen that souped-up Honda Civics and slammed station wagons. Everyone’s been passed by Mountain Dew chugging Kyle going 95 miles per hour in his turbocharged Mazda Miata in a school zone. In comparison, golfers are a refined class of people. We do not drive brodozers or coal roll. We do not drift around… Continue reading →

Top 3 Strangest Golf Carts

There are few vehicles as mundane and boring as a golf cart. These electric vehicles are both unexciting to drive and unexciting to look at. Thankfully, companies from around the world have stepped up to the plate and taken on the challenge of developing a better golf cart. Today we will look at the top… Continue reading →

Latest and Greatest Product: Golf Cart Seat Covers, Plus Fourth of July Looks

Be the talk of the course with one of these bad boys on your golf cart seat. Now available in a ton of patterns at the Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop!  As you can see, these golf cart seat towel covers (try to say that 5 times fast!) are easy to slip on any golf cart…. Continue reading →

Why golf on Father’s Day?

On June 21, Come Out to Haggin Oaks for our Riding Special Enjoy a free Neck Massage and a two-ball sleeve of Wilson Golf Balls for Father’s Day. 1. Free Neck Massage Every father works hard long days and carries stress in their neck. Kids crying at home, having to pick up all those Legos… Continue reading →