3D Printing in Golf

3D printing has been possible for well over a decade now. However, it was primitive in its first applications. 3D printing was reserved for relatively frail plastics like PLA and ABS. Despite best efforts, this reserved 3D printing to merely rapid prototyping in the golf industry. Recent advances have enabled 3D printing methods that allow… Continue reading →

How Technology is Changing Golf Club Design

As a mechanical engineering student, I can attest that design and manufacturing are both constantly evolving and improving. Technologies that seemed like distant possibilities a couple decades ago are now commonplace like machine learning and 3D printing. The golf industry is no exception to this trend. Materials In the last few decades we have seen… Continue reading →

3 Upcoming Technologies in the Game of Golf

Golf is a sport of deep-rooted traditions and customs. It is has been played in the same way for hundreds of years. However, it has not and will not be spared by the technological storm of the 21st century. Today we will take a look at all of the emerging technologies that will impact the… Continue reading →