Sacramento Golf Tips: How to Hit an Uphill Lie

Haggin Oaks Director of Golf Mike Woods shares how to hit when your ball is on a steep, uphill lie.

Landing in a bunker is already a difficult situation to be in. But what do you do when your ball rests on an uphill lie, like the edge of a bunker? You can’t just hit it like a normal—you have to make adjustments based on the angle. Luckily, we’re here to break it down for you.

First, align your shoulders with the uphill lie. Tilting your shoulders to match the slope of your lie is the most important step—if you don’t do this, you’re likely going to be hitting from the bunker again.

Matching the uphill lie is going to naturally open your club face, meaning your ball will go higher and not as far. Make sure to take a much bigger swing than you normally would to compensate.

The final step is to follow through with your shot. You need that full motion in your swing to guarantee the ball will get out of the bunker and up on the green.

An uphill lie can be difficult, but you will find yourself back on track for par if you follow these tips. You can also use these tips on an uphill lie somewhere else on the course, like on a hill or a mound. Align yourself with the slope, take a big swing, and follow through!

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