Pilates Breath Technique to Help Hit the Ball Farther

In the second installment of our Pilates series, Sacramento area certified Pilates Instructor Tana March Jones of Pilates Scout shows us a breathing technique unique to Pilates.

In this video, the simple breathing technique engages your lower abdominal muscles. This will help you hit the ball harder, be more precise in your movements, and protect your spine and lower back from injury.

The 360 degree breathing method will strengthen the small transverse abdominal muscles. These are the muscles that initiate all movements. Practicing this breathing method daily will help the muscle engage at all the time, ultimately helping your swing and keeping you safe from injury.

Next week, Tana will be back with a new video focusing on spine angle, with ideas on how to incorporate this before your round.

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Prepare to par with Tana March Jones. Interested in learning more or getting an assessment of how she can help your game? Contact Tana at pilatescout.com

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