Paradym Super Hybrid: Your Ultimate Golf Game Changer

Experience Driver Technology in Your Long Game with Callaway’s New Super Hybrid.

Golfers know the importance of having the right clubs in their bag, and the Paradym Super Hybrid is here to revolutionize your approach to those challenging shots. Now available in the Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop today. Here’s a closer look at what makes this hybrid club so exceptional:

Driver-Like Power from a Hybrid

The Paradym Super Hybrid draws inspiration from advanced driver technology to deliver a hybrid with the power of a driver. Its lightweight, AI-designed titanium face creates explosive speed, resulting in remarkable distance off the tee. Now, you can wave goodbye to those maddening moments when your fairway wood comes up short, because this hybrid is purpose-built for long-distance performance and endurance.

Oversized Titanium Body for Extreme Forgiveness

Forgiveness is key in golf, especially when accuracy is paramount. With an all-titanium body, this hybrid boasts an expanded clubhead footprint that maximizes forgiveness. Additionally, you can wave goodbye to those maddening moments when your fairway wood comes up short. Because this hybrid is purpose-built for long-distance performance and endurance.

Speed Cartridge for Penetrating Launch

To fine-tune your shots, this hybrid club is equipped with speed cartridges made from tungsten and steel, weighing up to 91 grams. These strategically placed cartridges, in conjunction with the triaxial carbon crown, allow for precise control of the center of gravity (CG). The result? A more penetrating launch trajectory, gives you the confidence to take on challenging shots with ease.

Complete Adjustability

Customization is key in golf, and the Paradym Super Hybrid offers complete adjustability. Thanks to the lightweight OptiFit 3 Hosel, you can dial in your preferred ball flight and launch characteristics. This level of adjustability empowers you to tailor the club’s performance to your unique playing style and the conditions of the course.

Unleash Your Golf Game with Paradym

However, if you’ve ever struggled with fairway woods or felt the pressure of those demanding tee shots, it’s time to introduce the Paradym Super Hybrid to your golf bag. Its driver-like power, generous forgiveness, precise launch capabilities, and adjustability make it a game-changing addition to any golfer’s arsenal.

Experience the confidence that comes from knowing you have the right tool for the job. The Paradym Super Hybrid is designed to help you unlock your golfing potential and take on any challenges the course throws your way. Don’t let those narrow fairways intimidate you any longer. Step up to the tee with the Paradym Super Hybrid and take your game to the next level. Available now at the Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop.

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