Get Over to MacKenzie’s Grille for These November Food Specials

This month’s food specials are looking gooood! Get your fill of delicious treats like Country Fried Chicken Sandwich or Steak and Pepper Omelette, not to mention the Spinach Chicken Salad and Turkey Cranberry Sliders.

If you’re in for breakfast time, try out the new Steak and Pepper Omelette! Full of protein with steak and eggs plus grilled bell peppers. A side of house potatoes complete the meal and you’re set for the first meal of the day! A new take on the steak and egg classic.

We’re particularly excited about the Country Fried Chicken Sandwich: an excellent feel-good choice for any day! Homemade gravy on top of chicken fried steak on a soft bun with pickles, lettuce, and tomato. Soft bread and chicken crunch and savory gravy make a great sandwich. Easily one of our favorites.

If you’re feeling like a salad, the Chicken Spinach Salad this month is also a fresh and classic option. Crumbled cheese, apple slivers, and cranberries on top of baby spinach and grilled chicken. Oh and don’t forget the candied walnuts and poppyseed dressing!

Finally, the small bite option is like a mini Thanksgiving! Turkey Cranberry Sliders have swiss cheese, turkey, and cranberry sauce on a slider bun. Order a few for a snack or a meal and treat yourself to some turkey during November turkey month.





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