Get Fit with the NEW Titleist 915 Drivers in the Player Performance Studio at Haggin Oaks

The Titleist 915 Drivers are here and available now at Haggin Oaks in the Player Performance Studio. Get fit before the NEW Titleist 915 Drivers are released on November 14 at Haggin Oaks when you call 916-808-2531 and schedule a fitting appointment.

How many yards did Danielle Nash gain with the new Titleist 915 Driver?

You’ll hit more fairways with the new Titleist 915 driver. The new 915D2 and 915D3 drivers feature an Active Recoil Channel that delivers more distance by actively flexing at impact to launch the ball off the face with  higher speed and lower spin. The results speak for themselves. Danielle Nash, Teaching Professional at the Haggin Oaks Golf Complex and Titleist Staff Member, gained 7 yards with her new Titleist 915 driver. What will you gain?

If you hit an off-center hit, the high speed face insert, called the Radial Speed Face, has a thick center and radially thin perimeter in the heel and toe. This delivers more distance on off-center hits. Come out and try the new Titleist 915 Driver for yourself with Danielle Nash or Dave Stockly.  Call 916-808-2531 to schedule your appointment.

The Player Performance Studio is a three-bay indoor studio with sixteen-foot high doors that open onto the Haggin Oaks’ range, voted one of Golf Range Magazine‘s Top 100 Driving Ranges. Sixteen highly trained Morton Golf Professionals and Clubfitters will have the absolute latest and finest technology available. Morton Golf has acquired the same technology that major golf manufacturers use to fit the world’s greatest players in their test centers around the world, including a TrackMan Launch Monitor.

Even with all the latest technology, ball flight is still at the heart and soul of Golf Equipment Fitting. Because golfers in the Studio can hit balls indoors to target greens outdoors, they will see and feel how the ball reacts just as if they were on the golf course. The reason leading manufacturers have designed and built their own test centers is because they know from years of experience that ball flight and feel are the confidence builders to making good golfers better golfers. Click to learn more about the Player Performance Studio at Haggin Oaks

The Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop offers fitting opportunities in the Player Performance Studio with the TrackMan for as little as $29.99. Call 916-808-2531 to schedule your appointment with Danielle Nash or Dave Stockly and get fit with the new Titleist 915 drivers today!

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