Play Like the Pros – Spotlight on Titleist and the 915 Line

It’s time to Play Like the Pros with our brand spotlight on Titleist. Get the quick facts on Jordan Spieth, the new Titleist 915 line and our very own Danielle Nash. Play like the Pros this summer and find out the inside scoop on the Titleist 915 line. Ever wonder who from the Haggin Oaks… Continue reading →

Get Fit for Titleist Made Only to Order Exclusive Set at Haggin Oaks Player Performance Studio

Titleist and Haggin Oaks are teaming up to bring you MOTO™,  a new class of Titleist metals and irons providing an optimum fit for golfers. The product family will include two new offerings to start: the 915D4 driver and an 18-degree 915Fd fairway wood. These woods are technically already out, but only on tour. Now, Titleist and… Continue reading →

Get Fit with the NEW Titleist 915 Drivers in the Player Performance Studio at Haggin Oaks

The Titleist 915 Drivers are here and available now at Haggin Oaks in the Player Performance Studio. Get fit before the NEW Titleist 915 Drivers are released on November 14 at Haggin Oaks when you call 916-808-2531 and schedule a fitting appointment. How many yards did Danielle Nash gain with the new Titleist 915 Driver?… Continue reading →