Drive, Chip, Putt & Play Golf Class Coming to Haggin Oaks in April

Haggin Oaks and the Northern California Institute of Golf are excited to announce the newest dates for the popular Drive, Chip, Putt & Play class, taught by Ed Adams.

Drive, Chip, Putt & Play is unique to most golf instructional programs because it features small class sizes (maximum 4 students) and targets the key aspects of your golf game.

The Drive, Chip, Putt & Play class is specifically geared toward the improvement of three skills (driving, chipping and putting) and transferring those skills to the golf course. This class will focus on how to drive the ball more accurately, chip the ball closer to the hole and work toward eliminating three putts! On the last week of the program, the class will be held on the golf course, allowing participants to apply what they have learned, as well ask any on course strategy questions they may have.

To register, call the Northern California Institute of Golf at 916-808-2531.

Drive, Chip, Putt & Play with Ed Adams will be held at Haggin Oaks and the entire program costs $149.95 per person.

Drive, Chip, Putt & Play Golf Class

Dates and Times

  • April 3 — 1 PM – 2 PM
  • April 10 — 1 PM – 2 PM
  • April 17 — 1 PM – 2 PM
  • April 24 – PLAY DAY — 1 PM – 2:30 PM
Ed Adams

Ed Adams is a very popular instructor among his students from the Practice Makes Perfect lesson series that has been running at Haggin Oaks for a number of years. Ed encourages golfers to focus on the basic fundamentals of golf and proper practice techniques to improve their game and to become more consistent. He focuses his efforts toward helping golfers learn how to maximize the benefits of practice in a minimum about of time.

Ready to sign up? Call 916-808-2531 and the Golf Concierge for the Northern California Institute of Golf at Haggin Oaks can answer any questions and get you registered.

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