Autographed Jason Day d.hudson Hat Giveaway

A chance to win an autographed d.hudson Golfwear hat. 

If you’ve been sitting around daydreaming of owning an autographed Jason Day hat, well, here’s your moment! d.hudson will be giving away an autographed hat on
May 1 so fill out an entry before then.

d.hudson Golfwear is a unique lifestyle headwear brand. Their design philosophy is to keep it simple and casual on the outside, while being fun and flashy on the inside. Just take a look at this fine hat specimen, called “18 Birdies.”

Though it may seem casual and tame enough on the outside…

Flip it up to reveal the colorful pattern to match its clever name.

Entering to win is the easy part!

To Enter, visit Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop from today until May 1, 2018, and fill out an entry slip. While you are at the store, hit any of the new Cobra Golf products and have your questions answered by one of our trusted fitters.

Like the look?

Don’t worry, if your dreams of owning an autographed are dashed but you are now unsurprisingly a big fan of d.hudson headwear, we currently carry a few of their best-selling styles, including “18 Birdies”, “Hole in 1”, and “GoFORE it”. They come in a variety of colors, too!

Check them out at the Morton Golf Shop.


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