On the 8th Day of Christmas: Board Games

Create holiday memories this season with a classic gift choice, the board game. We have several to choose from this year.


Board games make the best gifts because they bring family and friends together for memorable experiences while providing hours and hours of entertainment.

Pardoku is a solid wood, golf-themed version of the World’s Most Popular Game-Sudoku. Pardoku has colored and numbered tees that make identifying patterns easier. Pardoku is a logic-based placement puzzle and is great for all ages. Keeps the mind sharp and is loads of fun.
Get the whole family in on the fun of this great game that combines the challenge of golf with the game of pool.

Just roll out the green mat (similar to that of the fabric found on a pool table top) in the den, finished basement-any level surface indoors, velcro® the rails along the edges, and take turns shooting the balls into the pockets-just like the real thing.

Game scores like pool. It’s a great way to help kids build hand-eye coordination, strategy and family memories.
Vegas Golf is proud to introduce its new Home Edition Card Game! There are many variations of games that can be played using our cards. We have outlined the two most popular for you. Feel free to make up your own as well. Match wits and win! Object is to shoot the lowest score… After nine or 18 holes, the lowest score wins!

Come in to the Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop at 3645 Fulton Ave in Sacramento, CA to find our collection of games, playing cards and other fun festive gifts for the holidays.

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