Wilson Staff Redefines The Golf Carry Bag With neXus

Wilson_Nexus1Wilson Staff has completely reengineered the golf carry bag with the introduction of the neXus. Defined as “a means of connection”, the word neXus perfectly complements this carry bag as its unique external structure, known as exo-frame technology, supports a firm, technically-styled modern golf bag.

The neXus bag consists of Wilson Staff’s newly designed 360° integrated mechanism, in which the head-treated aluminum frame connects the spine, top, stand and base. Each part works interdependently to keep the base in full contact with the ground even while the legs are extended. When the curved base makes contact with the ground, a smooth, reactive stand activates the legs to kick out immediately. Both the spine and top possess comfort TPR molded handles for a solid hand grip and for easy mounting on and off the golf trolley or cart.


Weighing just 4.8 pounds, the neXus remains lightweight with sufficient storage pocketing for golf equipment and accessories, among large belongings like garments. The 2014 neXus line introduces four trendy color options tailored to the golfer seeking a contemporary and distinctive look on the course.

Top dimensions: 9″ deep x 8″ wide (5-way divider)Additional information:

  • Pockets: large garment, two external, valuables (with sealed waterproof zipper), large accessories, golf ball, GPS/range finder sleeve and insulated beverage sleeve
  • Color options: white, red, blue, black
  • Manufacturer’s Advertised Pricing: $199.99

Functionality and Geometry Make the Wilson Staff Performance the Cart Bag of Choice

The Wilson Staff Performance cart bag is the latest option for cart or trolley golfers.

Built with various technical features and a premium polyethyelene tube construction, the Performance is both sturdy and durable with a modern look.

The placement and geometry of the pockets are designed to easily retrieve belongings; the GPS pocket is located near the top, while three golf ball holders can be accessed externally.

The Performance features a new exclusive top with a putter well that accounts for oversized grips. The handles on the back and sides promote easy mounting on and off the cart or trolley. In addition, a groove on the bottom locks in with the trolley’s base to secure its position on flat and hilly terrains.

The golf cart’s strap slides through a loop above the accessories pocket to constrict movement of the bag throughout the round. The polyester fabric combined with leather accenting and high-quality zippering create a classy bag with three exciting color options.

Additional information:

  • Top dimensions: 11″ deep x 8.5″ wide (14-way divider)
  • Weight: 9.3lb
  • Pockets: two large garment (one with expandable zipper), four external, two side base pockets, GPS/range finder sleeve, accessories, large insulated, umbrella holder
  • Color options: white, blue, black
  • Logos can be embroidered on the front beverage pocket
  • Manufacturer’s Advertised Pricing: $199.99

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