Wilson Golf Preaches Lightweight with New D-100 Driver

Frank LaRosa photoWhen Dennis the Menace was yelling, “Mr. Wilson!” we think he was just looking for some new golf equipment. He would have been in good hands with the new Wilson D-100 driver! Frank LaRosa from Golf to Go on ESPN Radio 1320 interviews Michael Vrska from Wilson Golf.

Wilson Golf has won more majors than any other brand in golf. Recently Wilson Staff introduced their new, lightweight D-100 driver. this is the lightest driver that Wilson has ever put out on the market and it will help you hit it further off the tee with greater forgiveness, especially if you tend to hit it a little to the left or to the right.

How much lighter is this club? Compared to traditional drivers on the market, the Wilson Staff D-100 Driver has 50 fewer grams of weight. The non-essential weight has been relocated to the sole for a lower and deeper center of gravity. This optimization of the crown weight results in a heightened launch angle and an increased MOI for better forgiveness off the tee.

This club is ideal for the higher handicap player.

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