Why golf on Father’s Day?

On June 21, Come Out to Haggin Oaks for our Riding Special Enjoy a free Neck Massage and a two-ball sleeve of Wilson Golf Balls for Father’s Day.

1. Free Neck Massage

Every father works hard long days and carries stress in their neck. Kids crying at home, having to pick up all those Legos off the floor, and even eating those microwave dinners that are significantly smaller than their picture on the outside can cause stress. Haggin Oaks may not be able to cure the world of microwave dinners but we can provide neck massages.

After this neck massage you will be so much more energized to go play 18 holes and have the lowest score you have ever had. (not guaranteed)

2. FREE two ball sleeve of Wilson Golf Balls

Every golfer can always use more golf balls. Even if they might not be your golf ball of choice they make a great gift for someone.

3. Riding in a Golf Cart

Who doesn’t love the wind and the occasional bug flying in their face while they are driving down the fairway? Nobody. It may be debatable, but golf carts are the best thing to happen to golf. (not true)

Also, the little pencils in the golf carts are the best. They are prefect size…for your son or daughter riding shotgun to write. Those pencils were never made for adult’s hands. They were made for family fun. Your mind is now unlocked…You’re welcome.

Haggin Oaks has a riding special for Father’s Day which allows the best experience of your life to be that much cheaper. $39.99 for Mackenzie and $19.99 for Arcade Creek. Once again…you’re welcome.TV Riding special 1

4. You Get to Golf

Feel like this one is pretty self explanatory. You, a guy, get one full day to do whatever you want. Obviously everyone always wants to be at the golf course kicking back. Bring your family with you. Play a little best ball, talk, laugh. Golfing is the best way to have a great time with the family.

5. Driving Range

You got older kids who sleep in till 12pm and waking them up anytime earlier isn’t possible. Understandable. The range is perfect for you. Go to the driving range and hang out at night when they are fully awake. Get a bucket of balls and just hang out with your kids.

Or you’re the opposite: You have younger children and they cannot actually play golf yet. Bring them to the range and teach them how to play. It will be a great learning experience for them and also great bonding.

Haggin Oaks has the perfect family fun experience for Father’s Day.

Click here to book a tee time.

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