Who’s Your Caddy – Haggin Oaks Exclusive Craft Beer

This year at the Haggin Oaks Golf Expo, we had a very special treat for our guests, especially those beer drinkers among you.

Haggin Oaks worked with the Loomis Basin Brewery and had them whip up a batch of a specially brewed beer they appropriately named “Who’s Your Caddy.”

This smooth, not so hoppy, blonde ale was a sight for sore eyes during the hot days of the 2019 Haggin Oaks Golf Expo when all you wanted to do was sit back with your newly purchased discounted clubs, or the new pair of shorts that you just bought while cooling down with an ice cold, locally crafted beer with your friends. We spotted several people enjoying this new brew while also enjoying a snack and listening in on a seminar or two on the ESPN 1320 Golf to Go stage about how to hit the perfect lob or get rid of that nasty slice.

On top of being a deliciously refreshing beer, we also got to see a special, limited run label that the Loomis Basin Brewery created just for Haggin Oaks to portray their unique flavor and style.

However, if you happened to miss the Haggin Oaks Golf Expo or didn’t get a chance to try this out while you were there, you’re in luck!

From now on, “Who’s Your Caddy” will be served at all Morton Golf managed golf courses including Haggin Oaks, Bartley Cavanaugh, Bing Maloney, and William Land, both in cans and on draft.

So, when you’re out playing this summer, make sure to stop by the restaurant and grab an ice cold, refreshing, handcrafted “Who’s Your Caddy” beer!

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