What is GORE-TEX?

Whether it’s jackets, gloves, boots or even tennis shoes, it seems everything is advertised as using Gore-Tex technology. But what is Gore-Tex and why is it being used in everything lately? We answer these questions and more below.

Gore-Tex itself is just a material. It is simply a form of expanded Teflon. The material is dense enough to repel liquid water, but porous enough to allow vapor and air to pass through.

The material was first patented in 1976 but has become increasingly popular in recent years for its lightweight and waterproof properties.  

These properties make it great for waterproof jackets, pants, gloves, boots, and tennis shoes. Gore-Tex protects the wearer of such items from the rain but allows their clothing to breathe. The company that owns Gore-Tex, W. L. Gore and Associates, does not make clothing themselves. Instead, they manufacture the material and then supply it to clothing manufacturers. This is why you will find Adidas, The North Face, Sunice, and more companies all utilizing and advertising Gore-Tex technology.

Interestingly, Gore-Tex is not just used in the clothing industry. Gore-Tex is an important material in the medical field. It is used for grafts and patches for organs, due to its ability for living tissue to grow through it. Gore-Tex also does not break down within the body, nor release any harmful chemicals.

In golf, Gore-Tex is an excellent material for rainy or damp golf play. The material works well for golf shoes and allows them to be both breathable and waterproof. Likewise, it is excellent for jackets and pants because it is lightweight and athletic.  

Currently, Gore-Tex has two products ranges; “Gore-Tex” (original) and “Gore-Tex Infinium”. “Gore-Tex” (original) is the classic waterproof and breathable material we have mentioned this article. The “Gore-Tex Infinium” is a more flexible and breathable version that gives up some of its weatherproof properties to be more flexible and athletic.

Overall, if you are looking for a quality waterproof piece of clothing that needs to be lightweight and breathable too, Gore-Tex is an excellent option.

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