WedgeWorks is Expanding their Customization Department for Titleist and Vokey Lovers!

If you are a Titleist Vokey fan, then you are going to like this news! Titleist WedgeWorks is introducing the launch of their new WedgeWorks Services, inspired by the Tour-Inspired Custom Shop and Bob Vokey.

Serious golfers and Tour players alike want the option of special grinds, grips, stampings, etc. on their wedges, and WedgeWorks Services is now able to deliver. In a recent interview with Bob Vokey on the Titleist Tour Blog, Bob explains, “A golfer can send back a wedge for a little TLC.  We’ll check the loft and lie, buff up the head, fix the paintfill, stamp it for you, regrip it.  It’s like a little spa service for your wedge.”

Services also include laser engraving on the shaft and swing weight adjustments. WedgeWorks Services now has the ability to adjust a swingweight from a D5 to a D3 by cutting out weightports and then filling them with a light spray coat protectant. Don’t expect to have the grooves sharpened or regrooved in your pre-2010 Spin Milled wedges though. That would be a violation of the USGA Groove Rule.

Currently, services are only available for pre-owned wedges, but services for new wedges should be available later this fall. Go to to have your custom WedgeWorks Service started today! Also, click HERE to join Team Titleist at Haggin Oaks to get advance notice of new Titleist product introductions, advance sale notification and free sample offerings!

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