Vector Green Reading Classes Coming June 19th and June 22nd

The Vector Green Reading System was developed by Vector Putting using the ground breaking work of Colonel Horace Templeton, USAF (Ret), one of the greatest and least known pioneers in the science of golf and this method will help you to become a better putter on the golf course!

Vector_Green_ReadingAccording to Don Pottle, “The Vector Green Reading System is the first systematic method I’ve seen for reading greens and being able to predict with a level of certainly how the ball will react as it rolls toward the hole. It is easy to learn, easy to use, accurate and quick. You will make the read in 20 seconds or less and it permitted under the Rules of Golf and approved for play by both the USGA and R&A.”

Upcoming Dates and Times:
June 19th      6-7:30 PM
June 22nd      8:30-10:00 AM

Class size:
12 Students

$99 – includes the Vector Green Reading Book

Call the Haggin Oaks Lesson Office at 916-808-2531 to enroll. This an outstanding green reading system. We look forward to seeing you!

About Vector Putting

Vector Putting dedicates itself to the philosophy that reading greens can be reduced to a system that is so simple that it can by learned in a couple of hours and applied to any putt in 10 seconds or less!

Vector Putting will consider itself successful when it improves putting for every golfer who wants to improve their game. Fewer putts is the fastest way to lower scores, and improving green-reading is the fastest path to fewer putts. The ability to apply basic math and physics to green reading–without ever doing a single calculation–removes all doubt about your aim point. You can therefore concentrate on speed, distance control, and making a smooth, perfect stroke.

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