U.S. National FootGolf Championship Qualifier Coming to Haggin Oaks

Join us July 16, 2016 for the U.S. National FootGolf Championship Qualifier at Haggin Oaks Golf Complex


Registration is now open for the California FootGolf qualifier at Haggin Oaks Golf Complex on July 16, 2016!

FootGolf is ready for the competitive level and now players everywhere will be able to test their skills at a course near them. The AFGL has divided the country into 16 different regions. Certified courses in these areas will hold qualifying tournaments between April and early September for a Regional Championship in September or October. Top 30% of these Regional Qualifiers will advance to the Regional Championship.

FootGolf is suitable for players of various ages and genders, so we have recognized this by creating five different player classifications for the U.S. National Championship: Juniors 12-17, Men 18-45, Seniors over 45, Women 18 and over and Teams.

The US National Championship series are amateur tournaments played under the rules and guidelines of the Federation for International FootGolf FIFG and player’s participation is voluntary for all categories and stages: Qualifiers, State/Regional Championship, National Championship Final, etc.

Non-AFGL affiliated member players are only eligible to play in the Qualifiers. In order to play in the State/Regional Championship or the National Championship final, Players must be AFGL affiliated Members and U.S. citizens or a resident living in the United States.

Players may qualify to play and participate in many State or Regional Championship and eligible to win the State or Regional trophy, but cannot win the State/Regional Champion title. Neither can they qualify to the National Championship, by way of a State/Regional Championship outside of the area they reside in.

Players address on their AFGL Membership will dictate what State or Region they can win the title in and the State/Regional Championship from which they qualify to the National Championship from.

The National Championship series is designed to find the best players from around the country in each State or Region of the US and give all players a chance to be the best in the area they live in. The AFGL believes this is the best way to create a competitive field including players from all areas of the country.

Ranking points can be earned at any qualifier, state/regional championship and the National Championship regardless of where your home area is. The top ranked players will be picked for Team USA in the Jansen Cup and other international tournaments sponsored in whole or in part by the AFGL.

Click HERE to register as a player in the U.S. National Championship and scroll to the event held at Haggin Oaks. For more information go to www.afgltour.com or call (760) 501-0100 Ext. 135


Date: July 16th, 2016

State: California Qualifier
Course: Haggin Oaks Golf Complex
3645 Fulton Ave.
Sacramento, CA 95821

Ranking Category: A

AFGL Member Price: $22.00 per player
AFGL Non-Member Price: $27.00 per player

Junior (Ages 12-17)
Men (Ages 18-45)
Senior (Ages 46 & over)

Starting Time: 4:00 PM
Starting Style: Shotgun

ONLINE REGISTRATION ONLY: Walk in payers can’t pay for registration at the course and must register online at anytime before the event starts.
Dress Code: Collared Shirt required, FootGolf Uniform suggested, Golf apparel preferred. Argyle Socks are not mandatory for Regional Qualifiers/Championships. NO SOCCER CLEATS ALLOWED at anytime on the golf course.
Rules: Federation for International FootGolf rules and guidelines apply. Additionally, local rules may apply.

Click HERE to register as a player in the U.S. National Championship and scroll to the event held at Haggin Oaks. For more information go to www.afgltour.com or call (760) 501-0100 Ext. 135.

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