Types of Golf Bags

Who knew there were so many ways to carry your clubs on the course? We created this guide to help you understand which golf bag is best for you.

Sunday Bag

We will start off with the smallest of the options. Sunday bags or more often called “carry bags” are engineered to be the easiest bags to carry around the golf course. Fabricated out of lightweight materials, these bags typically weigh between two and four pounds. They feature little to no support structure inside the bag and usually do not include a stand. You often must prop them up against a tree or gently set them down while playing. Likewise, Sunday bags cannot be easily attached to the back of a cart. Another thing to keep in mind is that Sunday bags are usually designed to hold less than nine clubs. They save on weight by not offering the “luxuries” and space that larger bags will. However, Sunday bags make up for this by being considerably cheaper than the other options at between $50 to $150. If you are looking for an inexpensive, small bag to bring to your local nine-hole course, then this is the choice for you.

Stand Bag

Stands bags are one of the most versatile options. Unlike Sunday bags, stand bags are designed to carry all of your equipment. The often feature dividers and numerous pockets for all of your tools and balls. They feature some internal structure but still try to save weight. Their lightweight construction allows most stand bags to weigh around five pounds. Often equipped with double shoulder straps, stand bags mitigate their additional weight by being more comfortable than Sunday bags. Furthermore, the stand legs allow for easy placement around the course. No need to search for nearby trees or places to rest your bag. Most modern stand bags also feature ways to attach the bag to a cart. Sadly, these additional features result in a price increase over the Sunday bags. Most stand bags cost between $150 and $250. Overall, if you are looking for a single all-purpose bag, a stand bag is an excellent option.

Cart Bag

Cart bags, like their name suggests, are bags meant to be used exclusively with a cart. Like stand bags, they are meant to carry all of your equipment. Additionally, they have much more internal structure and more rigid siding since they are not meant to be carried around the course. Recently, cart bags have featured a multitude of dividers. However, all the additional structure and rigidity makes cart bags heavier than stand bags. They typically weigh between five and seven pounds. Price wise, cart bags are equivalent to stand bags. Prices usually range around $120 to $250. While their flat bottoms and rigid construction allow them to be set down easier than Sunday bags, cart bags are considered far less versatile than stand bags because they rarely feature carrying straps. A stand bag is a good option if you find yourself using a cart everytime you go golfing or if you already have a stand/Sunday bag.

Staff Bag

Staff bags are the most premium option when it comes to golf bags. These luxurious golf bags are typically made of leather and other premium materials. These are the bags used on tour by professionals. They usually include a strap and a solid bottom to be set down. They are also the largest bag type. Staff bags have dividers, rigid sides, and deep pockets. They suffer the most in the weight department though. Staff bags can weigh well over thirteen pounds. While not a problem if you find yourself always using a caddy, these bags can make even the most athletic golfers tired by the the eighteenth hole. These luxury bags cost between $300 and $500. If you want to impress your friends, then this is the bag for you. However, for the average golfer, these bags are not recommended.

Authored by Taylor Morton


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