Time to Get Your Science On! See a Golf Ball Hit a Steel Plate at 150 mph

Ever wonder what happens when you launch your golf ball off the tee? Check out this high-speed video, shot at 70,000 frames-per-second and played back in slow motion.

Most of us look at our golf balls and think of them as fairly solid objects, but this video may change your perception.

This golf ball is shown hitting a steel plate at 150 mph. Please remember that very few people have a swing speed that high… including Tiger Woods. The average PGA Tour player has a swing speed around 110-115 mph. You could probably find a few long drive champions crushing the ball at that speed at the RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship, but this isn’t something you are likely to encounter at your local driving range.

I also have no idea what kind of golf ball was used for this experiment. Was it a practice ball with a higher elasticity? Was it a two-piece ball with only two stages of compression? Or was it a three-piece ball that is best suited for those with a club head speed of at least 100 mph? I just don’t know.

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