The New Cobra AMP Cell – Customize Your Game

MattYoung150Matt Young recently posted a fabulous article on his blog, My Life on the Green, that you should click HERE to read in full. He has posted tons of pictures and great content on his page and I don’t want to steal (borrow?) all of his great content here – so I am sending everyone over to his page to read the full story and get all the details there. I am going to borrow bits of his article here to introduce the new COBRA AMP CELL that has arrived in our Player Performance Studio here at the Haggin Oaks Golf Complex. Officially, these clubs won’t be released until early February, but you can come in now and get custom-fitted for your new set of clubs or pre-order them before they’ve even hit the market! Call 916-808-2531 to schedule a club-fitting today.

As borrowed from Matt’s blog, My Life on the Green, “This year you are starting to see the Puma ‘color’ influence on the golf clubs. Not only are the technology features allowing you to adjust your clubs like never before, but you can customize your bag by selecting from the variety of club head colors.”

Cobra_AMP_smartpadFurthermore, Matt writes, “The NEW ‘MyFly’ technology combined with the ‘SmartPad’ allows you to pick a club head and adjust your lofts while maintaining a neutral club face. All you have to do is find the right shaft and you have nearly 4 clubs in one which you can adjust to create your ideal ball flight for the conditions of the day. The “AMP CELL” technology redistributes weight to create thinner faces for added ball speed equaling greater distance, as well as stability for straighter shots.”

Matt has weighed in on the changes for 2013 and he sees improvement from last year’s model. Want to know more? Click HERE to read his full review.

Cobra_AMP_ironsThe AMP Cell Irons – feature a chrome finish and are available in four color choices, including blue, red, orange and white. More weight has been strategically placed in the 2013 model to give you added forgiveness on the course.

Cobra_AMP_fairwayThe AMP Cell Fairway Wood also has four color options and two head choices – the 3/4 (adjustable from 13° to 16°) and the 5/7 (adjustable from 17° to 20°). Two draw options are also offered.

Cobra_AMP_hybridFor the hybrids, there are three options: 2/3H (adjustable from 16° to 19°), 3/4H (adjustable from 19° to 22°) and 4/5H (adjustable from 22° to 25°). Each hybrid head also offers two draw options. Matt thinks these are a vast improvement over last year’s model. “A more neutral face and larger sweet spot makes these hybrids easy to control and hit nearly as long as a fairway wood.”

Cobra_AMP_driverThe drivers have four color options for the men and two options for the women. An offset option is also available and the head can be adjusted from 8.5° to 11.5° for the men.

Click HERE to see the AMP CELL PRO Driver, complete with pictures and product description, too.  It is available in gray and orange.

Cobra_AMP_myflyHere’s a picture showing the MYFLY window that allows you to adjust the loft setting. According to Matt, “Fitting your long game distance gaps has never been this easy. By taking your driver distance and longest playable iron distance, we are now able to adjust the fairway woods and hybrids to fill in your long game just like would with your wedges.”

Have we perked your interest? Call 916-808-2531 to schedule a fitting in our Player Performance Studio and see these clubs and be fit in them before you can buy them.

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