Technology is Grand But Fitting is Key

Frank LaRosa is the host of Golf to Go on ESPN 1320 and he talks to TJ Gillen with Titleist Golf during the Haggin Oaks Golf Expo.

Titleist targets “serious golfers.” And over time, Titleist has updated the definition of what a “serious golfer” means to them. It is no longer simply the single digit handicapper. Today’s definition, according to Gillen includes “all golfers that are avid, they play a lot of golf, they take classes, they want to improve, they are serious about their equipment, they are serious about their game, they want precise fitting and they are willing to pay a little bit more for finely tuned product.”

Titleist introduced the 910 metals for 2011, including two new drivers – the 910 D2 and 910 D3. These drivers feature the hottest face of any driver that Titleist has ever introduced into the market. They also feature the new SureFit™ Tour Hosel which allows Titleist to fine tune and make independent lie and loft adjustments. Gillen explains, “It is the only driver on the market where you can make those adjustments indepently or change them together.”

How does this help the “serious golfer”? Titleist can now fit this player much like they do the Tour Professional. Drivers can now have the lie and loft adjusted, and shafts switched in and out quickly and easily to produce the best fit Titleist driver possible in a matter of minutes.

Fitting is crucial! From a technological standpoint, manufacturers have it dialed in on the equipment. The equipment out on the market today is excellent. Gillen states, “If we can optimally fit a player, we can add distance, we can add accuracy to their game. There is a lot more we can do with fitting!” Great advice! Call 916-808-2531 to schedule your fitting in the Player Performance Studio at Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop in Sacramento. Click HERE to find out more information on the Titleist 910 drivers online at

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