How to Play a Flop Shot – Haggin Oaks Tips

A flop shot travels high but not far and lands without rolling too far

When you need to hit your ball high but not far, your best course of action is to take a flop shot. Primarily used when you’re close to the green, a flop shot is also a great way to clear a bunker or a hazard when you don’t need much distance.

The trickiest part to playing a flop shot is all in the preparation. First, make sure you are using a club with a lot of loft. Second, lay your shaft down at address. Third, open the club face to maximize the loft on your club. Finally, aim to the left of your target—with the club face open, your ball will come out more to the right. Aiming left will correct this and have the ball landing right where you want it. If you do all this properly, your flop shot should land true and set you up for an easy putt!

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