Sacramento Golf Tips: How to Get Backspin on Your Swing

Haggin Oaks Director of Golf Mike Woods shares how to get backspin on your iron shots.

We all want to play like the pros we see on the PGA Tour. Hit one those masterful approach shots onto the edge of the green and have it roll back to the hole. For most golfers, it can be difficult to achieve that backspin on-demand. Luckily, we’re here to tell you how to do it.

Backspin starts with the right equipment. You need a high-performance golf ball with a soft cover, like a Titleist ProV1, and a wedge with fresh grooves. These are important because you need a ball you can spin and grooves that can grip and spin the ball back to the hole.

Ball positioning is key to backspin. Normally, you would have your ball placed between your feet. But to put spin on the ball, you’re going to want the ball further back in your stance, closer to your back foot. This promotes a downward motion of the club into the ball.

The final step is to make the lowest part of your swing happen in front of your ball. If you are doing this properly, your divot will be in front of the ball instead of behind it. This downward motion is going to catch the ball and spin it along the grooves of your wedge, giving you that backspin you want.

It can be a little tricky at first, but if you practice these steps, you’ll find you have much better control on where your ball lands on the green. Maybe you’ll even get it to roll in like a pro one day!

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