Mizuno Pininfarina, the Square Driver Designed by Ferrari

The first ever square driver was an European-exclusive, designed by legendary Ferrari designer Sergio Pininfarina.

Back in the late 80s, Mizuno Golf wanted to break into the driver space with something unique and innovative. They worked with Ferrari designer Sergio Pininfarina to bring the creatively named Mizuno Pininfarina driver to the market—a square metal driver.

Designed by a man from outside the golf world, it had many interesting design choices unlike anything else at the time. It sported a dotted aerodynamic feature on the foot, made to resemble the texture of a golf ball. The head of the club had a rough texture to be more aerodynamic and its square shape gave it more MOI on impact. It was also one of the first drivers to cast its cup and face as one piece.

Most American readers won’t recognize the Mizuno Pininfarina as it was only available in Europe. Most European golfers won’t recognize the Mizuno Pininfarina as it struggled in sales. Within a few years, it disappeared from stores and became a memory.

With a few innovative ideas, it was a club too far ahead of its time to catch on. However the idea of a square driver stuck around and resurfaced 20 years later with the revolutionary Nike Sasquatch.

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