How to Boost Your Game without Breaking the Bank

Regripping your clubs can revitalize your swing and add vital yards to your shots

When people try to improve their golf game, they might buy new clubs, sign up for lessons, or try new practice routines. One often-forgotten (and much cheaper!) element of your golf game is maintaining your clubs themselves. Keeping them in good shape is one part of the equation, but regripping your clubs can bring new life to your game that most players don’t realize.

Over time, your grips will deteriorate due to the wear and tear from regular rounds of golf, usually becoming harder or more loose leading to golfers gripping the club tighter. This can cause slight changes in your swing and all golfers know even the smallest change can have big results. A fresh grip allows you to hold the club normally and swing away without the fear of losing power or control.

The Haggin Oaks Club Performance & Repair Center has over 2,000 grips in stock, including the most popular models from Golf Pride, Winn, Lamkin and much more. You can see our wide selection of grip choices and touch and feel each one to find the right one for you. The best part is we can regrip your clubs before you go out for your next round!

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